Back To School Tips - Article

Start the year off right with these back-to-school tips.

As summer winds down, your child might begin to feel wound up about school starting. A new year means unfamiliar teachers, more homework and harder classes. Whether your child admits it or not—in the end your support does make a difference. Help smooth the transition from summer to school with these back-to-school tips.

Get ready, set, stock up:

  • A few weeks before school starts, make a list of items that your child needs or wants. Check to see if the school has sent a list of supplies every student will need.
  • Allow your child to pick out a special notebook, first-day outfit or book bag. This may provide a teachable moment around money and budgeting.

Jumpstart your child’s brain:

  • Print or make your own back-to-school worksheets. For example, create a “Goals” worksheet that provides space for your child to write down things that he or she would like to achieve.
  • Click here for back to school theme units.
  • Check out math sites such as GameClassroom and Math Game Time for educational games, videos and worksheets.

Schedule some back-to-school activities:

  • Suggest your child invite one or two good friends over for a back-to-school BBQ.
  • Take family bike rides, hikes or nature walks. The fresh air and exercise can help relieve stress.
  • Stage a competition among siblings or friends: Set up morning drills that include some unexpected speed bumps—missing backpacks, mismatched socks, spilled juice. The fastest problem-solver to get out the door wins.

Back To School Tips

Address first day fears:

  • Remind your child that lots of other kids get nervous about the first day of school.
  • Come up with a silly saying or image that your child can think about whenever he or she feels anxious. This may help lighten the mood and remind him or her of a comfortable situation.
  • Reminisce about especially good days or fun times from the previous school year. Let him or her know that there are more good days ahead.

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