Top 10 Math Apps For Kids - Article


These math games for the iPhone add up to lots of learning fun.

We made it our mission to find the top math apps for kids. After trying hundreds of apps, we came up with a top 10 list of math apps that includes the best in adding, subtracting, number crunching and more.  Enjoy!

1. Grover’s Number Special: Grover the waiter appears in this app (Sesame Street’s first). Kids make meals by counting ingredients, then catch the ingredients by sliding the iPhone back and forth. Parents may want to turn off the sound to avoid Grover’s chattiness. Age: 2 years and up. $2.99.

2. Silly Numbers: Fun math game for kids who are learning to count. Each number’s animation and saying adds to the experience. From 1 Tasty Pie to 12 Delicious Donuts to 8 Fabulous Hats and so on.  This app puts a silly spin on some serious counting. Age: 2 years and up. $3.99.

3. Dotty Shapes: Connect the numbers in order to create shapes in this math app. Counting is fun again (and again) with this app. Age: 2 years and up. 99 cents.

4. Math Monkey: Math Monkey combines Angry Birds with math.  Practice addition, subtraction, multiplication and division in 40 levels.  Have fun shooting cupcakes at different targets! Age: 6 years and up. $2.99.

5. Mimi the Counting Monkey: Naturally, a monkey will want to know how many bananas he has. In this counting game, the first level involves using simple bananas to solve more complex problems. Age: 3-6 years and up. 99 cents.

6. Pattern Recognition: This app features an old game with new tricks. Rows of colored shapes appear in sequences, which kids have to identify and complete. The game comes in different versions according to your child’s age.  Our son has been enjoying the Kindergarten app this week. Age: 4 years and up. 99 cents.

7. Math Bumpies: This math app teaches kids addition and subtraction. Kids bump, jump, and roll their way through the game’s 10 levels. The app saves players’ stats so progress is easy to see. A Top 100 Educational Game. Age 6 years and up. 99 cents.

8. PopMath Lite: This app puts simple math equations and their answers in bubbles, which float around the screen waiting for players to pop them. Kids solve each equation, then pop it and its answer in quick succession. Winner of the iPhoneFootPrint Excellence Awards in Education. Ages 7 years and up. Free

9. Coin Math: What’s more motivating than money? A matching game involving money! Kids become familiar with U.S. coins and their values while sorting them into piggy banks. Then they add up the correct amount of change to buy a snack or toy. Age: 6-8 years and up. $1.99.

10. Sums Stacker: At the bottom of the screen are three numbers; atop these numbers sit stacks of coins, word numbers, Roman numerals, and other counting items. The aim of the game is to arrange each stack so that it adds up to the number it sits on. Parents may tire of the chimes and chirping crickets that play during the game.  Age: 5 years and up. $1.99.

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