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Grade: 1st-2nd

Grades 1 & 2
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November 13, 2009
These stories and events got us thinking this week. 

America Recycles Day Flag America Recycles Day
On November 15, what will you be doing? Recycling all those soda cans and holiday toy catalogs, of course. For 11 years, the day has been set aside to build awareness and encourage people to recycle and buy recycled products. So jump right in! See an aluminum can transformed. Watch the Story of Stuff. Learn about one reporter's quest to reduce

Share this with your child: Americans discards almost 8 pounds of trash a day.  

  • ASK: How big is our family? What is our family's total trash heap?  
  • DO: Choose one day and have each family member set aside his or her trash in separate piles. Whose pile is biggest/smallest? 
  • Brainstorm as a family ways to reduce your trash.

Navajo Code Talkers
During World War II, a group of Navajo men created an unbreakable code that the U.S. Military used to communicate. The secret language itself remained top secret until recently. Now the men are being recognized as heroes for helping to end the war. 

  • Help your child come up with a code using pictures of animals or other favorite objects to represent words. Then use the pictures to create a few sentences.
  • Learn more about the Navajo. 
  • Play The Magic Key game (1st grade) or Homographs (2nd grade).

Sesame Street At 40
This week the beloved show hit a milestone, and little kids weren't the only ones looking for a way to get to Sesame Street. The First Lady made an appearance in the first episode. Even buttoned-up journalists celebrated, with behind-the-street reports and character analysis. 

  • ASK: In what year did Sesame Street first air? When will it turn 55?
  • Count to 40 by 10s. Explain that a period of 10 years is called a decade. How many decades has the show run?
  • Explain that Sesame Street is designed to help preschoolers learn their letters and numbers. ASK: (If your child watched the show) Do you think that Sesame Street helped teach you letters and numbers? Do you feel like you learned anything else from the show?
  • Watch Elmo and friends for inspiration. Together with your child, come up with a short story involving two characters. What kinds of characters would your child want to create? Brainstorm what the characters would look like, how each one would sound and what kind of personality each would have. Then decide what lessons each one would teach and how—through its behavior, its interests or other cues. 

Until Next Week: Keep Learning, Keep Growing, Keep Thriving. 
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