Activities & Lesson Plans - 1st & 2nd Grade Newsletter 12/28/09

Grade: 1st-2nd

December 28, 2009 | Grades 1 & 2
Happy New Year!

In This Issue: Salvation Army Gets Gold; Dissecting the Last Decade

Salvation Army Red Kettle Holiday Giving: Gold Coins

The Salvation Army's Red Kettle charity collections are as much a part of the holidays as candy canes and family gatherings. Volunteers ring bells outside of stores throughout the country, urging shoppers to toss in spare change. Every once and a while, someone drops in a gold coin worth hundreds or thousands of dollars. So far this year, gold coins have popped up in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Connecticut and Chicago, among other places.

Get a pile of change, including several nickels, dimes, pennies and quarters.

Activity Ideas - Counting Coins

  • SORT the coins by amount. 
  • Create a simple GRAPH to identify each coin. Make one column per coin. Then fill in the following categories for each coin: value, number of coins, sum total for each group of coins, color, images on the coin. 
  • ASK: How many nickels do we need to equal one quarter? (5) How many dimes are in a quarter? (2) How many dimes are in two quarters? (5) How much money do you have if you have one of each coin? (25+10+5+1=41 cents) 
  • Make Change: If something costs 10 cents but you only have a quarter, how much change will you get back? (15 cents) If you have three quarters, five dimes and four nickels, how much money do you have? ($1.45) If you spend 55 cents of that, how much will you have left? (90 cents) 
Learn More: U.S. Mint
Learning Tips:
Working With Coins
Game: Make Your Own (Imaginary) Dollar Bill

Newsweek 2010 CoverageA 10-Year Review
How do you sum up 10 years? Bloggers, magazines and other members of the media are taking a shot at it, with a flurry of Top 10 Lists, photo essays, videos and stories. While we as adults remember life before Blackberrys, iTunes, wireless Internet and other tech toys, our kids have likely never had to use dial-up, never made a mix tape and never had a VCR eat a videotape. Now's the time to share how hard life used to be; it's our generation's equivalent of our grandparents' claims: "I walked 40 miles to school in 5 feet of snow, all uphill..."

Decade In Review: Newsweek 20/10

Naming the Decade: Time came up with a name 10 years ago. Throughout the U.S., various media outlets asked audiences to vote on possible names
The Digital Decade - 20 Things that Changed Childhood Forever
List Mania: Best Children's CDs of 2009Most Annoying Words, The Digital Decade: 20 Things That Forever Changed Childhood


Activity Ideas - 
Language Arts

  • Read the first paragraph of "The Best of the Decade: A Look Back at Children's Literature from 2000 to 2009." Before reading it aloud to your child, tell him or her the title. ASK:  What do you think this article is about?
  • After reading the first paragraph aloud, ask your child to SUMMARIZE what the author has to say about children's literature during this time period.
  • Ask your child about his or her favorite book: What is the story about? Who is/are the main character(s)? Where does the story take place? What happens in the story? How does the story end?
Learning Tips: Retelling Stories

Activity Ideas - 

Tell your child that there are 10 years in a decade.
  • How many years are there in two decades? (20) 
  • Imagine that two decades have passed: What year is it? (2030 - if counting from 2010)
  • Seven years have passed. How many years until a decade? (3 years)
  • A century is 100 years. How many decades make up a century? (10) 

Learning Tips: Counting Up to 100, Ones and Tens, Count In a Pattern

Game of the week:
Stop the Clock Game

Game Classroom and Kideos wish you happy, healthy New Year. See you in 2010! 
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