Activities & Lesson Plans - 1st & 2nd Grade Newsletter 2/12/10 - Gold Medal Watch

Grade: 1st-2nd

February 12, 2010 | Grades 1&2

In This Issue: Campaign to Get Kids Moving, Get Into the Winter Games, Blizzards Pack One-Two-Three-Four Punch 

Michelle Obama to Families: Move It!
First Lady Michelle Obama has officially launched the "Let's Move" initiative to fight childhood obesity. The campaign aims to help parents make healthy choices for their family, serve quality food in schools, improve access and affordability of healthy foods, and increase physical activity for kids. 

Visit the CDC website for more information on childhood obesity.
A group of non-profits have formed Partnership for a Healthier America


Activity Ideas - Language Arts

Tell your child that verbs are action words that tell what someone is doing.  

  • Together, come up with verbs that are used when someone is moving, or being physically active. (Possibilities include: run, jump, skip, hop, play)
  • Encourage your child to act out some of the verbs from your list. 
  • Have your child write a few sentences using active verbs.


Family Fun: Stage an informal guessing game of charades, to act out verbs. 

Learning Tips: Nouns and Verbs

Olympic Dreams

Let the 2010 Winter Games begin! Starting February 12, Vancouver, Canada, hosts 17 days of thrills and chills. Athletes from more than 80 countries will compete for medals in snowboarding, figure skating, speed skating and other events. 

Kideos: Meet Miga, Mukmuk and their 2010 Vancouver mascot friends.
Watch this cool animated promo, featuring an Inuit athlete.


Activity Ideas - Math
Warm up for the Winter Games with these exercises.

All-Time Winter Medal Standings

The All-Time Winter Medal-Winning Countries are below, out of order. Add up each country's gold, silver and bronze medals to find its total medal count. 

Austria: 51 Gold Medals, 64 Silver Medals, 70 Bronze Medals - 185 Total Medals

Norway: 98 Gold, 98 Silver, 84 Bronze - 280 Medals

Germany: 68 Gold, 65 Silver, 46 Bronze - 179 Medals

United States: 78 Gold, 80 Silver, 58 Bronze - 216 Medals

Soviet Union: 87 Gold, 63 Silver, 67 Bronze - 217 Medals 


Order the list by most to least total medals.

Norway: 280 Total Medals. 

Soviet Union: 217 Medals. 

U.S.: 216 Medals. 

Austria: 185 Medals. 

Germany: 179 Medals. 


Answer these questions. Then write out each one using only the medal counts and the symbol for greater than or less than. 

  1. True or False: Norway's total medal count is greater than the U.S. total. TRUE
  2. Austria has 185 total medals. This is greater or less than Germany's total. GREATER THAN
  3. 216 medals is greater or less than 217 medals, by one. LESS THAN
Visit the Canadian Olympic School Program for more activities and ideas. 
Learning Tips: 
Greater or Less Than


NYT Photos from ReadersRecord-Breaking Blizzards

A flurry of powerful snowstorms blanketed states from the Midwest to the East Coast. Washington, D.C., Baltimore and Philadelphia announced new annual snow records. 


Activity Ideas - Math

Use these reported snow depths to measure you and your child's standing in the snow.

Liberty, PA (ski resort): 40.0 inches

Garrett, MD: 28.0 inches

Chevy Chase Village, D.C.: 15.5 inches

Greenwich, CT: 12.5 inches

East Sandwich, MA: 8.3 inches

  • Together with your child, use a ruler to measure some of the snow depths. (If you don't have a long sheet of paper, use furniture or other items in your house that are about the same height or pencil lightly on a door frame.) 
  • Take turns standing by each measurement to see where the snow would hit on your body if you were standing in it.
The New York Times readers shared their photos online, including "Locked Bike" (above left). See more at Picturing the Blizzard.

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