Activities & Lesson Plans - 1st & 2nd Grade Newsletter 2/19/10 - So Happy In Hawaii

Grade: 1st-2nd

February 19, 2010 | Grades  1&2

In This Issue: Gold Medalist Shaun White, Happier in Hawaii, Scottish Terrier Is Tops 

Shaun ExcitedWhite Grabs Gold Again
Super-skilled snowboarder Shaun White soared above the competition at the 2010 Winter Games, winning his second Olympic gold in the halfpipe competition. White wowed the world with his almost-perfect performance—and his highly anticipated new trick known as the McTwist.

Watch White in 2006 Olympics
See Shaun White's Website


Activity Ideas - Language Arts


Together with your child, review the snowboarding terms below. 


Alley-oop: A rotation of 180 degrees or more going uphill.

Blindside: Unable to see one's takeoff or landing.

Bonk: To hit an object with the snowboard and ride away. 

Butter: To flex the nose or the tail of the board.

Cork: An airborne rotation off the vertical axis. 

Frontside: The toe side of the board, and the direction the rider faces.

Goofy foot: To grasp a board's edge with one or both hands.

  • Help your child manipulate some of the letters to create new words, which can be silly and made up or actual words. (Don't worry about using all the letters.) Examples: Alley-oop: Pool, Pal, Yell, Pooey. Goofy foot: Got, Fog, Foofy, Foogoo
  • ASK: Which words are compound words? Blindside, Frontside.
  • Identify the words that make up blindside (blind, side) and frontside (front, side). Look up the definition for the words blind (unable to see) and side (either lateral half of the body), and front (the part or side of anything that faces forward) and side (either lateral half of the body). 
  • Do the individual words help you figure out the compound word as defined in snowboarding? Somewhat, though meaning of terms are very particular to the sport so a non-snowboarder wouldn't be able to figure out the exact definition.

Learning Tips: Changing Letters to Make New WordsCompound Words
Game: Skillwise Words


Ha, Ha Hawaii

A national survey of 350,000 people determined that the state of Hawaii was the happiest place to live in 2009. Residents rated their states based on categories including job satisfaction and community satisfaction. 

Take a Look At the List

Activity Ideas - Math


Here are the top two happiest states. Explain to your child that these scores are out of 100. 

1. Hawaii: 70.2

2. Utah: 68.3

  • ASK: How many tens are in the number 70.2? (seven) How many tens are in the number 68.3? (six)
  • How many more points would Hawaii need to have a perfect score of 100? 30 points (100 points - 70 points = 30 points) How many tens are in 30? (three)
  • Utah missed 100 by how many points? 32 points (100 points - 68 points = 32 points)
  • How many tens are in 100? 10
Learning Tips: Ones and Tens
Game: Add Ones and TensThe Best Scottie

A Scottie named Sadie fetched Best in Show at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. The Scottish terrier beat a Doberman pinscher, C.J., the country's second-ranked dog. The golden retriever didn't win any titles, but still proved it was golden after the crowd enthusiastically applauded its round in the ring.

Activity Ideas - Language Arts
Help your child learn more about Scottish terriers. 

  • Have your child identify five things he or she would like to learn about Scottish terriers. 
  • ASK: Where would we be more likely to find facts—in a storybook about a pack of magic dogs or in an encyclopedia?
  • Help your child research Scotties and write a short paragraph about them. After he or she has finished, ask for your child's opinion on the dogs. Discuss the difference between facts and opinions.
Reference Materials: American Kennel Club, Wikipedia
Learning TipsReport on a Factual Topic

Game of the Week
Mr Nussbaum Game
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