Activities & Lesson Plans - 1st & 2nd Grade Newsletter 2/26/10 - Most Valuable Comics

Grade: 1st-2nd

February 26, 2010 | Grades 1&2

In This Issue: The Million Dollar Men, Hot Dog Redesign, A Sleep Survey 

Superman ComicComics With Muscle

The sale of Action Comics No. 1, a rare copy featuring Superman's debut, set a new record at $1 million. Faster than a speeding bullet a rare copy of Batman's debut, Detective Comics No. 27, sold for $1,075,500—smashing Superman's days-old record. Both comics originally cost 10 cents.


Activity Ideas - Math

Numbers, Money

The Daily Telegraph published a list of the world's most valuable comic books; their prices represent the book's value only if it was in mint condition. (List does not include most recent sale.)

1. Action Comics No. 1 $1,390,000 (Published in 1938, Price 10¢)

2. Detective Comics No. 27 $1,380,000 (1939, 10¢)

3. Superman No. 1 $671,000 (1939, 10¢)

4. All-American Comics No. 16 $430,000 (1939, 10¢)

5. Detective Comics No. 1 $405,000 (1937, 10¢)

Share this list with your child. For this activity you will need one dollar's worth of the following coins: quarter, dime, nickel. 

  • Together with your child, count up to a dollar using quarters, then dimes, then nickels.
  • ASK: How many quarters make a dollar? (four) How many dimes make a dollar? (10) How many nickels make a dollar? (20)
  • Stack up a dollar's worth of dimes. ASK: How many stacks would you need to have $10? (10) How many would you need for $100? (100)
  • Use these examples to give your child a sense of how much the original price of the No. 1 comic has changed in 72 years. 

Learning Tips: Working With Coins

Game: Count to 100


Hot Dog Hazard

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has released a new policy statement on choking, with hot dogs topping the list of worst offenders. The AAP would like to see "choking hazard" labels on hot dogs, hard candy and other high-risk foods. The docs also called on manufacturers to reconsider shapes, sizes and textures when making food products for kids.
Get Nostalgic: 
I'm an Oscar Mayer Wiener

Activity Ideas - Math

Share this with your child: Any food that has a cylindrical or round shape poses a risk.

  • ASK: What shape is a hot dog? (cylindrical) How might this be more of a hazard than another shape? 
  • Together with your child, brainstorm ways that the hot dog could be redesigned to be safer. 
  • Discuss and sketch different sizes and shapes and try to eliminate anything that might be risky.
  • Use Play Doh, Silly Putty or dough to create 3D models of a few shapes that seem the safest and also the most edible.

Learning Tips: Flat and Solid Shapes

Compare Objects and MeasurementsNaptime for Know-It-Alls
Falling asleep on the job may not be so bad. A recent study indicates that a midday nap may help people learn and perform better later in the day. Participants took a test in the morning and again in the afternoon. Half napped for 90 minutes in between. The sleepers showed a 10% increase in learning ability.

Activity Ideas - Language Arts

  • Discuss the results with your child.
  • Suggest your child keep a journal by her bed, to record how she feels before and after a regular night of sleep.
  • For one week, write down bedtime and time she gets up and total hours of sleep. Note any wakefulness during the night. 
  • ASK: Do you think you're getting enough sleep? Try to adjust sleep schedule accordingly.

Game of the Week

Copycat Jack game

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