Activities & Lesson Plans - 1st & 2nd Grade Newsletter 3/05/10 - Digging Up Ancient Egypt

Grade: 1st-2nd

March 5, 2010 | Grades 1&2

In This Issue: A Big Dig, Who Will Win an Oscar? Kitchen Math

Archaeologists Dig Latest Find
Even highly regarded pharaohs lose their heads. Archaeologists in Luxor, Egypt, have discovered a red granite head belonging to a statue of Amenhotep III. The pharaoh ruled Egypt from 1387-1348 B.C., a time noted for peace and luxury. Among his other "jobs": grandpa to King Tut.

Activity Ideas - Language Arts
Tell your child that the ancient Egyptians created a form of
picture writing known as hieroglyphics At first, each image represented the actual object it depicted. Over time, each picture came to represent an object's appearance, related ideas, and the sound of a spoken word that described it.

  • Share this with your child: A "rebus" is a picture representation of a name or phrase. 
  • Challenge your child to guess the common words or phrases represented by the rebus puzzles below.

(Head over heels)

2. VA DERS         
(Space invaders)

3. PumPkinPie      
(Piece [p's] of pumpkin pie)

Find more rebus puzzles online.
Learning TipsLetter and Word Sounds 

UPMovie Night

The stars shine extra bright at the Academy Awards every year. Who will go home with Oscar—Avatar? The Blind Side? Up? What a cliff-hanger!  


Activity Ideas - Language Arts
Stories and Literature

  • Discuss movies that you and your child have recently seen. 
  • Have your child pick his or her favorite from the list.
  • Ask him or her to summarize the story: What happened at the beginning of the movie? What happened at the middle? How did the movie end?
  • ASK: What makes a good ending—Is it important for problems to be resolved? Do you want the characters to live happily ever after? Do you want to be surprised?
BonusChallenge your child to come up with a new ending. Remind him or her to be mindful of important details in the beginning and middle of the movie, to be sure his or her ending makes sense.

Learning TipsRecounting in Logical Sequence

Game: Questions to Clarify


Cooking the Math Books
Seventh graders at the Center for Creative Arts, in Chattanooga, Tennessee, have math class in the kitchen. The school's instructional coach started a program called Culinary Math for students struggling with the subject. 
Find a cookie recipe you would like to try.

Activity Ideas - Math

  • Have your child double the recipe, showing his or her work.
  • ASK: How many more cookies are in a double batch?

Activity Ideas - Language Arts
Listening and Speaking

  • Review the directions together. 
  • ASK: Why is it important to follow directions in the order that they are given?
  • Have your child follow the directions as you read.

 Learning Tips: Give and Follow Multiple-Step Directions

Game of the Week

Find HIdden Treasure Game

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