Activities & Lesson Plans - 1st & 2nd Grade Newsletter 4/23/10 - The $100 Redesign

Grade: 1st-2nd

April 23, 2010 | Grades 1&2

In This Issue: Look Like 100 Bucks, Earth Day At 40, An Eruption of Letters

The $100 Makeover
As the face of the $100 bill, Benjamin Franklin has the dubious distinction of being the most frequently counterfeited note in circulation. The U.S. Treasury is going Hollywood high-tech and using 3-D to keep criminals from copying it. The redesigned $100 bill's bells and whistles—or digits, for accuracy's sake—on the 3-D security ribbon appear to move and change.

Activity Ideas - Language Arts

Benjamin Franklin is not only famous for appearing on the $100 bill. He also has been quoted as saying some funny things, like, "Fish and visitors stink after three days"—but that's not all!
  • Pretend that you are part of the $100 redesign. Some people have proposed opening it up to sponsorship, i.e., the SpongeBob bill, to feature an image of the character. As Franklin's only living descendant, it is up to you to preserve the integrity of the bill. 
  • Learn more about Benjamin Franklin—statesman, inventor, publisher, author, and more.
  • Prepare to give a brief presentation as to why Franklin should stay on the bill. Support your argument with compelling facts and anecdotes.
Resources: Wikipedia
Learning Tips: Reference Materials, Report on a Topic 

Earth Day Turns 40

Earth Day is not over the hill. Sure, four decades have passed since nearly 20 million Americans participated in the first celebration, but the movement is alive and kicking. These days, more than 180 countries celebrate through rallies, campaigns and other events. 

Activity Ideas - Math
Share the following list of wildlife conservation efforts with your child. Then have him or her put each one in chronological order.

The Endangered Species Act provides for the protection of threatened and endangered fish, wildlife and plants and the habitats they depend on.

1940 Congress passes the Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act, setting out principles that will later be incorporated into the Endangered Species Act.

1986 Global Ban on Whaling

1990 Spotted Owl Named Threatened Species. This opens the way for the protection of its forested habitat in the West. 

1964 Passage of the Wilderness Act defines "wilderness" and sets aside 9 million acres of federal land for protection.

Bonus: Come up with your own list of ways that your family can live a "greener" life. Be inspired by The Learning Network Blog - '
Ten Ways to Go Green

VolcanoA Linguistic Natural Disaster
Eyjafjallajokull volcano, in Iceland, has tied up travel—and tongues. The eruption on April 14th stranded millions of passengers for days and made many people ponder the mysteries of pronunciation. Here's one possibility: EY-ya-fyat-lah-YOH-kuht. Now say that five times fast.

Activity Ideas - Language Arts
Share this with your child: Eyjafjallajokull is made up of 16 letters, has six and a half syllables, and would amass 47 points in a game of Scrabble. One way to ease pronunciation is to break a word down into its distinct parts: "Eyja" is the Icelandic word for island; "fjalla" means mountain; and "jokull" is glacier. Another trick is to come up with a saying to remind you, such as "Hey, ya fergot La Yogurt," as suggested in the New York Times City Room Blog. 

  • Come up with a few compound words. Identify the individual words that make up the compound word.
  • Make up your own words by combining two or more words. For example: Back + Yard + Barbecue = Backyardecue. Try some out with family or friends to see if they can figure out what your new words mean. 
Learning Tips: Letters, Words and Sentences; Compound Words 

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