Activities & Lesson Plans - 1st & 2nd Grade Newsletter Is It Time To Ban Best Friends?

Grade: 1st-2nd July 16, 2010 
In This Issue: Banning Best Friendships, LeBron James Upsets Fans, Smelling the Corpse Flower 

Best Friend or Foe?
Are best friendships the enemy of good social behavior among kids? Some educators think that pairing off can lead to bullying and cliques. Theyencourage kids to befriend peers equally. This concerns psychologists who say that especially close friendships help lay the foundation for healthy relationships as adults.

Activity Ideas - Math

  • Use smiley face stickers or make a paper people chain for this activity. Be sure to have at least 20. 
  • Using 11 stickers or paper people, separate the group into pairs, counting by twos. Does every figure or face end up with a partner? No, one is left out. 
  • Change the numbers within each group so that no one is left out. How would that look?Three groups of 3 and one group of 2
  • Count all the figures (20) by fives. How many groups of five will you have? Four
  • Count the figures by 10s. How many groups of 10 will you have? Two
Learning TipsCount in a Pattern LeBron James Feels the Heat
A few days after July 4, LeBron James became a free agent. The basketball player announced that he was leaving the Cleveland Cavaliers to play for the Miami Heat. James' Ohio fans reacted with anger; they had hoped he would stay in his home state, where he had played high school basketball. 

Activity Ideas - Language Arts
Imagine that you are a reporter in Akron, Ohio, who is covering LeBron James' announcement. You use a voice recorder to be sure you get the comments of everyone in the room. Some of the quotes you recorded are below. Put the correct punctuation where it belongs.

  • Why would LeBron desert his fans? said Ima Upset.  "Why would LeBron desert his fans?" said Ima Upset.
  • He has turned his back on the city of Akron said Tray Tore.  "He has turned his back on the city of Akron," said Tray Tore.
  • My brother told me don't root for him anymore! said Wanda Whynot.  "My brother told me, 'Don't root for him anymore!'" said Wanda Whynot.
  • Said Faith Fullfan I don't care where he plays. I still think he's a superstar.  Said Faith Fullfan, "I don't care where he plays. I still think he's a superstar."
Learning TipsQuotation Marks  Flower Draws Nosy Visitors
P.U.—talk about flower power! The "corpse flower" is a rare, beautiful flower with a not-so-beautiful scent, which has been described as smelling like rotting flesh. This hasn't been a problem for visitors to the Houston Museum of Natural Science; thousands have been waiting for days to see the museum's corpse flower bloom

Activity Ideas - Language Arts

The museum staff has named the corpse flower Lois and has given her a voice on Twitter. 
  • Select a favorite doll, stuffed animal, pet or plant. 
  • Imagine what it would say to you if it could—about you, about what it wishes it could do, where it would like to go, or what life is like when you're not around. 
  • Write several brief journal entries from its point of view. Be sure to use the first person in your narrative, as if you are the doll, animal, etc.
  • You may want to research your "character" to be sure you get its voice right, i.e., dogs only see in black and white, so yours can't figure out why you only wear the colors black or white.
Learning TipsWriting Brief Narratives  Game of the Week

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