Activities & Lesson Plans - 3rd & 4th Grade Newsletter 4/30/10 - Small Horse Makes Big News

Grade: 3rd-4th

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April 30, 2010 | Grades 3&4

In This Issue: 30 Years of Notes, A Small Stallion, Rotten Apples 
A Sticky SituationThis month the Post-it turns 30. Even now, the low-tech desk staple is among the top five best-selling office supplies in the U.S. The handy yellow notepads were the result of teamwork and creativity; after one scientist made sticky stuff that could be repositioned time and again, the other decided to use it to keep a bookmark in place. The moral of the story? If you want to succeed, stick with it.  
Activity Ideas - Language Arts
  • Using one Post-it per word, write down nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions, etc. Try to have five words per parts of speech. 
  • Have your child make simple, compound and complex sentences with the words by rearranging the Post-its.
  • Challenge your child to see how many different kinds of sentences he or she can make in a limited amount of time.
Bonus: Use Post-it notes to create an artistic masterpiece. Just imagine what Degas or Monet could have done with hundreds of little yellow squares!
Post-it Note to Self: Watch these videos for inspiration - Post-it Stop Motion Animation, Post-it Stop Motion Art  

Learning TipsCombining Phrases
Tell your child's teacher about the Post-it Teachers' Activity Contest

HorseLittle Horse Makes It Big

This is not a tall tale. 
A pinto stallion named Einstein weighed 6 pounds and measured only 14 inches tall at birth, which is considered small even for his miniature breed. The New Hampshire-born horse may soon hold the Guinness World Record for smallest newborn horse.

Activity Ideas - Language Arts
Determine which statements below are fact and which are opinion:
  • Einstein was 14 inches tall when he was born. FACT
  • Einstein was born in New Hampshire. FACT 
  • New Hampshire must be a great place to live. OPINION
  • Einstein deserves a Guinness World Record because he is small and cute. OPINION
Bonus: Visit the Guinness World Records site. Using some of the more unbelievable examples, come up with a list of records—some real, some not—and challenge family or friends to identify real from fake.
Learning TipsFacts vs. Opinions
Watch Einstein frolic at Kideos.
Einstein's Baby Photos

An Apple a Day...

Apple shares hit an all-time high of $272.18 on April 23, some people started to rethink their past purchases. One iFan figured out the amount of money he would have earned had he invested in Apple stock instead of investing in a $499 iPod in 2001—about $14,513. A student at UC Berkeley decided to increase buyers' remorse by calculating the value of investments over 13 years of products. 

Activity Ideas - Math
The following figures come from the Berkeley student's calculations, representing the money that consumers could have made if they had bought Apple stock instead of PowerBooks, iMacs, desktops or other gadgets.
  • Review the information with your child. Then help him or her calculate the amount of money iBuyers would have earned. (Be sure to have him or her align the numbers on top of one another.) 
1. Apple PowerBook G3 250, release date: 1997, cost: $5,700. Stock value today: $330,563. ($330,563 - $5,700 = $324,863)  Amount of earnings: $324,863  
2. Apple PowerBook G4 667, 2001, $2,999. Stock value: $90,146. Earnings: $87,147
3. Apple iPod 3G (15/20/40), 2004, $299. Stock value: $7,328. Earnings: $7,029
4. Apple iPod Nano 2G (RED 4GB, 8GB), 2006, $199. Stock value: $718. Earnings: $519

Learning Tips: Add and Subtract 5-Digit Numbers

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