Activities & Lesson Plans - 3rd & 4th Grade Newsletter Corpse Flower Blooms In Houston

Grade: 3rd-4th July 16, 2010 

In This Issue: A Corpse Flower, LeBron James Leaves Cavaliers, Is This the End of the Best Friend?Something Rotten in Houston
Something stinks at the Houston Museum of Natural Science, and thousands of visitors are lining up anyway. The source of the stench, a rare "corpse flower," was expected to bloom during the week of July 12; as of July 16 the flower remained closed. The museum has stayed open 24 hours to accommodate the flower's true fans, who have endured its unique smell of rotting flesh to admire its beautiful bloom.

Activity Ideas - Math
  • Measure how tall you are. Write down your height and mark it lightly with pencil on a door frame. 
  • On July 1 the flower was 2.5 feet tall. How many inches taller or shorter are you?
  • By July 4 the flower had grown to 3.4 feet. How much had it grown over three days?About 1 foot  (3.4 feet - 2.5 feet = 0.9 feet
  • By July 9 the flower stood 5 feet tall. How much had it grown over five days? 1.6 feet  (5 feet - 3.4 feet = 1.6 feet)
  • As of July 13 the flower had grown to about 5.4 feet. How much had it grown since July 1? Almost 3 feet  (5.4 feet - 2.5 feet= 2.9 feet)

LeBron James Heads South
Who will fill LeBron James' big shoes? The Cleveland Cavaliers lost their superstar when James announced he was leaving Ohio to play for the Miami Heat in Florida. Fans throughout the state lashed out after hearing the news; some burned his jersey, others questioned his skills.

Activity Ideas - Language Arts
Some people are disappointed with James' choice because they look up to him as a role model and feel he has let them down by leaving Ohio.
  • Do you know what the term "role model" means? If not, make an educated guess based on the context, then look it up in a dictionary.
  • Who is your role model? Write one or two paragraphs about a person that you admire. 
  • Describe the person—his or her actions, interests and traits that you admire.
Learning TipsWriting DescriptionsBest Friends: Not So Friendly?
"Best Friends Forever" may be a thing of the past. Some educators are working to prevent kids from favoring one friend over another, in an attempt to stop cliquey behavior. Many psychologists say that best friendships are important because they teach kids how to form meaningful relationships as adults. 

Activity Ideas - Language Arts
The article mentions best friendships in books, including Harry Potter and Ron Weasley. 
  • Pick a fictional friendship that you admire.
  • Describe the traits that make each character a good friend.
  • What actions show the friendly nature between the two? 
  • Identify one situation in the story that illustrates a character being a good friend to the other.   
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