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Grade: 3rd-4th

May 24, 2010 | Grades 3&4

In This Issue: The WNBA, Video Game Workout, A Student at 94

The WNBA Bounces In
In the shadow of the NBA playoffs, 
the WNBA jump-started its season. Women's pro basketball doesn't get the attention that the men's league does. But in Seattle, the Storm draws lots of kids and families. The WNBA team's half-time show features a grade-school dance troupe.

Activity Ideas - Language Arts
Define the following basketball terms. Use the words' meanings outside of basketball to help you.

1. What does WNBA stand for? 
a) Wow, Nice Basketball App!
b) Women's New Basketball Attire
c) Women's National Basketball Association

2. Assist
a) An especially helpful player
b) A pass that leads directly to a basket
c) Sisters who play on the same team

3. Coast-to-coast  
a) From one end of the court to the other
b) Making a basket from the opposite end of the court 
c) A game between New York and Arizona

4. Hang time
a) The amount of time players hang out together outside of practice
b) The time a player spends hanging her uniform so it doesn't wrinkle
c) The amount of time a player can stay in the air while attempting a shot

5. Open man
a) A fan who holds the door for players
b) A player who is left unguarded
c) A player who carries the can opener to away games

Guitar HeroWii Play Hard
The American Heart Association (AHA) has stepped up its efforts to get Americans moving—by endorsing video games. The organization says that 40% of people who don't exercise say it's not entertaining enough. So the 
AHA has teamed up with Nintendo Co., saying that the popular Wii video game console will encourage couch potatoes to get into the game.

Activity Ideas - Math
A study of 13 children in 2007 found that kids burn about 150 calories per hour playing Wii. If you play the same three games four days a week for a total of 12 hours each week, how many total calories will you burn weekly? 

  1. Identify any extraneous information you don't need to solve the problem: Number of children in study and year of study; number of games you play; and number of days you play each week. 
  2. Explain your approach to solving the problem. One hour of play burns 150 calories; to find the number of calories over a 12-hour period, you need to multiply the number of calories per hour times the total number of hours played. 150 calories per hour x 12 hours per week = 1,800 calories per week.
In December 2006, a young adult wanting to slim down performed a Wii Sports Experiment for six weeks. He found that he burned 125 calories in 15 minutes of Boxing; 92 calories in 15 minutes of tennis; and 77 calories in 15 minutes of bowling. 
  1. How many calories would he have burned if he upped his play to 30 minutes per activity? Boxing: 125 calories x 2 = 250 calories. Tennis: 92 calories x 2 = 184 calories. Bowling: 77 calories x 2 = 154 calories.
  2. Explain in words how you solved the problem.  Since two half-hours make up one hour, you can assume that you will burn two times the calories.
 Learning Tips: Break a Problem Into Smaller Parts

Back to School

It's never too late to graduate. Ask Hazel Soares. The 94-year-old student joined grads more than half her age for a commencement ceremony at Mills College, in Oakland, California. Soares is the world's second oldest person to graduate from college. 

Activity Ideas - Language Arts

  • Imagine that you are a speechwriter, and Hazel Soares has asked you to write her graduation speech. 
  • Come up with descriptive words that will convey her determination and spirit.
  • Make up an anecdote based on real-life experiences, i.e., being a great-grandma or living during the Great Depression, to engage listeners and give them a sense of who she is.
  • Conclude with an inspirational message. 
Bonus: Memorize and deliver the speech.
Learning Tips: Oral Presentations - Introductions, Conclusions and Evidence

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