Activities & Lesson Plans - 5th & 6th Grade Newsletter 4/9/10 - Teen Climber Eyes Everest

Grade: 5th-6th

April 9, 2010 | Grades 5&6

In This Issue: I Want an iPad, Scrabble Rule Scrambler, Kid Climber Eyes Everest

Another Fresh Apple
As of Thursday, Apple reported selling 450,000 iPads in less than a week. Diehard fans couldn't wait out the initial growing pains. After rushing to buy the tablets, they have been sharing real-time experiences, impressions and frustrations in blogs, on Facebook, and through tweets.
Watch this video of a toddler tester

Activity Ideas - Math
Together with your child, review the following figures:
Starting price for an iPad: $499
iPads sold during first week: 450,000
iPads sold on the first day: 300,000
  • Estimate how much money the iPad made during its first week - $250 million. (Hint: round $499 and 450,000 up or down): 500,000 iPads at $500 apiece. (500,000 x $500 = $250,000,000)
  • Now, calculate the profits based on actual figures: $224,550,000 (450,000 x $499 = $224,550,000)
  • What is the difference between the two? $25,450,000 ($250,000,000 - $224,550,000 = $24,450,000) Discuss the differences between estimates and exact figures. ASK: Why is it important to use exact figures for calculating money? When would estimates be OK to use? (If you are trying to figure out how many white socks you have compared to blue ones.)
Bonus: What percentage of first-week sales happened on the first day? 67%
(300,000 first day sales ÷ 450,000 = 0.6666)
Learning Tips: Work With Very Large and Small Numbers
Game Changer
How many points for the word "change"? Scrabble is hoping to score big in Britain when a new version of the popular board game hits the shelves. In the rule-bending edition, celebrity names and other proper nouns will be fair game. None of this will effect players in the U.S. How do you spell R-E-L-I-E-F?

Activity Ideas - Language Arts

  • Suggest your child play a word game with friends or family. Get started by grouping people into pairs.
  • Have each player find five words that are difficult to spell for various reasons, including "silent" letters or rule breakers (For example, "leisure" is an exception to the saying, "i before e except after c and when sounding like a as in neighor or weigh." 
  • Players take turns reading their words aloud one by one and challenging the other to spell each word correctly in a set amount of time.
  • Compare the results.
Bonus: Suggest players help each other come up with mnemonics—tricks or rhymes—to remember how words are spelled.
Learning Tips: 6th Grade Spelling
Everest peakTeen to Climb Mt. Everest
At 13, Jordan Romero is well on his way to completing his life's goal—reaching the summits of the highest peaks on all seven continents. At the ripe old age of 10, he became the youngest American to scale Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa's highest peak. Now he has set his sights on Mount Everest.

Activity Ideas - Math
Share this list with your child. Explain to him or her that it differs from Jordan's list because he wants to climb the highest peaks on all seven continents. These are the world's tallest peaks: 

Top 5 Highest Mountains
1. Everest, Nepal-Tibet  29,028 feet 
2. K2, Kashmir  28,250 feet
3. Kanchenjunga, India-Nepal  28,208 feet
4. Lhotse I (Lowt-say), Nepal-Tibet  27,923 feet
5. Makalu I, Nepal-Tibet  27,824 feet

Tell your child that much of the world uses the metric system. Help him or her convert the feet into meters, using this: 1 foot = 0.3048 meters.
  • Everest:  8,848 meters (29,028 feet x .3048 = 8,848 meters)
  • K2: 8,611 meters (28,250 x .3048 = 8,611)
  • Kanchenjunga: 8,598 meters (28,208 x .3048 = 8,598) 
  • Lhotse I: 8,511 meters (27,923 x .3048 = 8,511)
  • Makalu I:  8,481 meters (27,824 x .3048 = 8,481)
Learning TipsConverting Units 

Game of the Week

Word Scramble Game
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