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Grade: 5th-6th
May 10, 2010 | Grades 5&6
In This Issue: Children's Book Week, Soda Tax, Webby Awards

Read Like a Kid Again
Tuck Everlasting, How to Eat Fried Worms, The Very Hungry Caterpillar—what books made you sit up and listen or read through the night? Children's Book Week (CBW), from May 10-16, gives kids and families the chance to celebrate beloved classics and find great new reads. The best part? Kids get to vote on their favorite books, authors and illustrators of the year.  
Activity Ideas - Language Arts
  • Challenge your child to write a short story by building on CBW Story Starters or a story you start, i.e., "It was a dark and stormy night. Theo had almost convinced himself that dark and stormy nights were made-up storybook stuff until......"
  • Imagine that you are in charge of next year's Children's Book Week. It's up to you to pick a children's book illustrator to design the poster. Who would you pick? What would you like to see included in the poster?
Bonus: In an author's skilled hands, characters come alive for the reader. Think about a book character you especially liked. Write a brief biography of the character, as if he, she, or it is real. Then, portray the character using clothes, mannerisms, an accent drawn from the text, etc.  
Learning Tips: Author's TechniquesAnalyze How Character Affects Plot, Conflict and Resolution
Find Good Books:
Children's Choices Booklist

Soda Wars
Soda: It does the body bad, say health officials concerned about obesity. More than 30 states now tax the sugary, bubbly beverage in an effort to curb the average American's drinking habit—50 gallons of sugar-added drinks a year. California and New York are among several states considering an even higher soda tax

Activity Ideas - Language Arts 
  • Some people think that a soda tax is unfair and misguided, and that soft drinks can be a part of a healthy, active lifestyle. Others say its sugar-laden empty calories are making people fat. What side are you on? 
  • Write an argument from the opposing view. Gather enough information to make your argument convincing—this will be a true test of your powers of persuasion.
Learning Tips: Writing Persuasive Letters and Compositions

Activity Ideas - Math
If 1 gallon = 3.785412 liters, how many two-liter bottles of pop do you have to drink to get to the American average of 50 gallons? 
95 two-liter bottles.
Round liters to the nearest tenth: 3.8
50 gallons x 3.8 liters = 190 liters
190 liters ÷ 2 = 95 two-liter bottles. 

How many bottles a month? Almost eight.  95 two liters ÷ 12 months/year = 7.9 or nearly 8 two-liter bottles a month. 

Watch and Learn: Soda science experiments on Kideos Educational Channel - MythBusters, Diet Coke & Mentos 
Learning Tips
Breaking Down a Complex Problem

Bohemian RhapsodyWhat a Webby!
Can you earn an award for online greatness? Just ask Gonzo. The Muppets' cover of "Bohemian Rhapsody" by Queen was crowned Viral Video of the Year by the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences. In their 14th year, the Webby Awards celebrate Internet achievement

Activity Ideas - Language Arts
The Webby Awards are known for their succinct speeches, which are limited to five words. SMITH magazine has made the six-word memoir famous.
  • Challenge your family and friends to sum up a favorite movie, book, or show in five words, without including the title or character names. Then have others guess what movie, book, or show is being described.
  • Challenge your family and friends to sum up their day, their week, their year in six words or less. 
  • Take a vote among family and friends: What do they mainly use the Internet for - entertainment, work, research? Graph the results.
Learning Tips: Using Newspapers, Magazines and Online Information

Game of the Week

Math Olympics
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