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Grade: 5th-6th

June 1, 2010 | Grades 5&6

In This Issue: Silly Bandz—Banned!, Facebook Upsets Friends, Deep Sea Dig
Silly BandzKids' Bandz Get Banned
Teachers aren't amused by Silly Bandz, but kids can't get enough. The stretchy, colorful bracelets come in all sorts of fun shapes, including flowers, animals and other creatures. Similar to a rubber band, each retains its shape through numerous wearings. The craze has become such a distraction that schools in New York, Texas and several other states have banned them from the building.
Activity Ideas - Math
  • If your child has Silly Bandz, ask to see his or her favorite shapes. 
  • ASK: Are the Bandz the same size even though they are different shapes? (Test your theory by putting several different shapes on your wrist.)
  • Form a rectangle and a triangle with rubber bands if available or draw these shapes on a piece of paper. 
  • Use a ruler to measure the rectangle's length and width. Find the area of the rectangle using this formula: Area = Length x Width 
  • Measure the base and height of the triangle. Find area using this formula: Area = 1/2 base x height
  • ASK: How many angles does a triangle have?
  • Measure various triangular or rectangular shapes around the house, then calculate the area.
Learning Tips: Area of Triangles and Parallelograms   

Friending Privacy

Facebook isn't making many friends after changing its privacy policies in April. Users blasted Facebook for new features that allowed other sites to access their data. CEO Mark Zuckerberg, 26, responded to users' outrage by announcing that the social network would make it easier to protect personal information. 

Activity Ideas - Language Arts
  • Imagine that you are writing a Problem-Solution/Proposal Essay to present to Facebook on behalf of unsatisfied users.
  • First, summarize the problem in a few sentences. Be direct and clear about the problem. 
  • Identify the concerns that users have in regards to the problem. Paint a picture of users' conviction, i.e., thousands of signatures on a petition, etc. 
  • Be sure to include the specific concerns behind each objection. 
  • Propose a solution that will seem reasonable to both sides. 
  • Use a sentence or two to show that you understand both points of view.
  • Practice reading your presentation aloud with confidence and conviction. 
Learning Tips: Deliver Presentations on Problems and Solutions  
Play It Safe: Kids aren't always as cautious as they need to be. Read Kids Online Safety

Underwater Excavation

Along the Egyptian coast in the dark depths of the ocean lies a sprawling palace and temple complex. The legendary Queen of Egypt, Cleopatra, once lived there. Underwater archaeologists exploring the ancient ruins have found everything from coins and everyday objects to massive granite statues
of Egypt's rulers and sunken temples built to honor their gods.

Activity Ideas - Language Arts 
The researchers are surveying the ruins and comparing what they have observed to descriptions of the city left by Greek geographers and historians more than 2,000 years ago. 
  • Imagine that you are writing a description of your town, school or neighborhood for future generations to see what the area was like in the 21st century. 
  • ASK: What are some natural or manmade sites that would convey a strong sense of place? 
  • Be as detailed as possible, almost as if you are making a map with words. 
  • Challenge a friend or family member to determine the place that you are writing about.

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