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Grade: 5th-6th June 28, 2010 

In This Issue: World Cup Soccer Update, Tennis Match Smashes Record, July 4th Celebrations

Soccer It to 'Em
After a strong showing at the World Cup, the U.S. Men's National Team lost to Ghana on June 26. The players went out kicking—especially Landon Donovan, who made a penalty kick to tie the match. The game went into overtime, but the U.S. never pulled ahead.

Activity Ideas - Language Arts

The Guardian provided readers with a list of Soccer World Cup Slang, which draws from South Africa's 11 official languages, including English. Here are a few of the terms, provided by Vivienne Hambly.
Diski (dis-ky) "Football in township slang."
Fundi (foon-dy) "An expert or knowledgeable person, from the isiZulu and isiXhosa word for teacher, umfundisi."
Laduma! (la-do-muh) "He scores! Shouted at every goal and originates from the isiZulu for 'it thunders.' "
Now-now "Reference to something that will happen soon, usually within a few minutes but also within a couple of hours."
Lekker (lack-er) "From the Afrikaans meaning great or good. An expression of approval."

Find the term that completes each sentence.

  • I play _____. I'm pretty good, too. diski)
  • _____ man. That new Justin Beiber haircut looks great on you. How long does it take to blow-dry? (Lekker)
  • If we are going to win, we need to make a goal _____. (now-now)
  • My dad's a _____ when it comes to baseball statistics. (fundi)
  • He shoots; he _____! (laduma)
Bonus: Use these slang words in conversation. Ask family or friends to figure out the meaning using context clues. 
Learning TipsForeign WordsThe Marathon Tennis  Match
John Isner smashed the record for longest tennis match ever—a whopping 11.5 hours over three days of play at Wimbledon. The American tennis player and his opponent, Nicolas Mahut, played an exhausting 183 games before Isner delivered the winning shot. Later he joked about being a little bit tired, which likely explains his loss on June 25 in only 74 minutes.

Activity Ideas - Math

  • How many minutes make up 11.5 hours? 690 minutes (11.5 hours x 60 minutes = 690 minutes) 
  • Check your answer above using division: 690 minutes = 11.5 hours (690 minutes ÷ 60 minutes = 11.5 hours)
  • Isner's second match, at 74 minutes, is only ______% of the epic 690-minute match.11% (74 minutes ÷ 690 = 0.1072)
  • The marathon match was _____ times longer than Isner's match the following day. 9.3 times longer (690 minutes ÷ 74 minutes = 9.324 times longer) 
  • The previous record-holding longest game lasted 6 hours and 33 minutes. How many minutes is that? 393 minutes (6 hours x 60 minutes/hour = 360 minutes) (360 minutes + 33 minutes =  393 minutes)
  • The old record of 393 minutes is only _____% of the new record, 690 minutes. 0.569 or 57% (Plug these numbers into the similar equation above to find the answer) 
Learning TipsPercentages

Happy Fourth of July
July 4th marks a day of celebration throughout our great nation. Traditionally, people fly the American flag, hold back yard barbecues and watch fireworks displays. Some towns celebrate the Fourth with local touches: Philadelphia's 10-day celebration includes Hoagie Day, featuring a 1 1/4  mile long hoagie. Folks in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, kick off The Fourth with a midnight parade. Bald Head Island, NC, hosts a Sand Castle Competition, Family Olympics and a Ferry Fireworks Cruise. Happy Fourth of July!

Activity Ideas - Language Arts
  • Suggest each person in your family write a brief essay about freedom. It can be on a national or individual level. 
  • Include an anecdote or experience that represents freedom.
  • Keep it short—use vivid descriptions and other words wisely.
  • Set aside a time for everyone to share what they wrote. 
Learning TipsDeliver Oral Presentations
Game of the Week

Battleship Game
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