Activities & Lesson Plans - Kindergarten Newsletter 11/13/09

Grade: K

In the Know on the Go

November 13, 2009
These stories and events got us thinking this week.

America Recycles Day FlagAmerica Recycles Day
On November 15, what will you be doing? Recycling all those soda cans and holiday toy catalogs, of course. For 11 years, the day has been set aside to build awareness and encourage people to recycle and buy recycled products. So jump right in! See an aluminum can transformed. Watch the Story of Stuff. Learn about one reporter's quest to reduce

Share this with your child: The average American discards almost 8 pounds of trash a day.

  • Together with your child, use this number to calculate your family's daily trash heap. 
  • DO: Have your child help sort your family's recycling. ASK: How many different groups do we have? Which group is the largest? Brainstorm ideas to reduce your family's waste.
  • Draw simple images or symbols on Post-it notes, each one representing a step in the recycling process. Help your child put the steps into the right sequence.
  • Find kid-friendly information about recycling. Play Recycle.  

Navajo Code Talkers
During World War II, a group of Navajo men created an unbreakable code that the U.S. Military used to communicate. The secret language itself remained top secret until recently. Now the men are being recognized as heroes for helping to end the war. 

Share This: Tell your child that November is American Indian Heritage Month.

  • Explain the Code Talkers story to your child.  
  • DO: Help your child assign pictures or symbols to a few of their favorite words. Use the images to write a sentence.
  • Find books about American Indians to read with your child. Access activities, printables and lessons on American Indians.
Sesame Street At 40 
This week the beloved show hit a milestone, and little kids weren't the only ones looking for a way to get to Sesame Street. The First Lady showed up for the first show of the season. Even buttoned-up journalists celebrated, with behind-the-street reports
  • Explain the concept of an anniversary to your child. ASK: What are some anniversaries that we celebrate at home or in school? Why is it important to remember certain events, even if they mark a sad time in history? 
  • DO: Create a tradition around a special event in the life of your family. 
  • Watch Elmo and friends for inspiration. 
  • CRAFT: Make a simple puppet using a sock or paper bag. Encourage your child to come up with name, personality and a background story for the puppet.

Until Next Week: Keep Learning, Keep Growing, Keep Thriving. 

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