Activities & Lesson Plans - Kindergarten Newsletter 11/27/09

Grade: K

Kindergarten | November 27, 2009

In This Issue: A Presidential Pardon; Black Friday; Flu-Fighting Santas 

One Lucky Turkey
In the Thanksgiving tradition, President Barack Obama officially pardoned Courage the turkey on Wednesday. Some say the historic gesture dates back to 1865, when President Lincoln freed a fowl that his son, Tad, took pity on. Others say the tradition started with President Truman. 
  • Find the facts among the falsehoods about George Washington. Discuss ways that made-up stories might be used to reveal a historic person's real nature. 
  • Make up a story about a pet or person in your family that reveals a personality trait. 
  • Play Scrambled Stories

Computer Mouse and GiftBuy, Buy Friday
Three percent of consumers have finished their holiday shopping. As for the rest of us, our days are numbered: Black Friday kicks off the Christmas countdown. Armchair shoppers can find deals online and avoid the pain and suffering that comes with dragging kids from store to store. To shop smart—on your smartphone—check out these toy-safety tips.

  • Help your child make note of the features that differentiate quarters, dimes, nickels and pennies. 
  • DO: Have your child sort a pile of coins into groups. Then count the coins. 
  • Play How Much Money Is This?

Santa, Sanitized
Lest you have an encounter with a busy mall Santa, don't fret: A new tradition may ease some H1N1 fears. At least one of the red-suited organizations has decided to make hand sanitizer a part of the lap-sitting, wish-granting ritual. Learn more about this jolly germ-free holiday plan then get flu facts.

Discuss with your child any concerns or questions that he or she has about the flu. 

  • ASK: What are important ways to protect ourselves from the flu? 
  • DO: Help your child make a list or a drawing that will remind family members how to fight germs; hang by sink or elsewhere as a reminder.
  • SING: Happy Birthday with the Jackson Five, then sing it again with three cute critters. The CDC recommends 20 seconds of hand-washing—roughly two "Happy Birthday" renditions—to properly fight germs.

NPR 50 Game Changers In Music Story
Musical Notes

Find something for everyone—or at least something for everyone to argue about with NPR's "The Decade's 50 Most Important Recordings." If you traveled for Thanksgiving, consider this moving playlist. 
  • PLAY: Hum or whistle a song your child likes and ask him or her to name it. Then have him or her hum and you guess!
  • Explore kids' music that even parents can enjoy.
  • Strike up the family band: have one person shake a container of popcorn kernels; another bang two lids together; another drum the table with his or her fingers; and make funny noises with your mouth.

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