Activities & Lesson Plans - Kindergarten Newsletter 2/05/10 - Apple Has A Fresh New Product

Grade: K

February 5, 2010 | Kindergarten

In This Issue: Apple's New E-Book; Football Injuries; A Dino Discovery 

The Future of Reading

Apple has introduced a new product it hopes will rival Amazon Kindle and expand upon the success of the iPhone and the iPod Touch. With the forthcoming iPad, the company is poised to enter the e-book business by way of a slim tablet computer that is much more than an e-reader. With the 1/2-inch-thick device, people can connect wirelessly to the Internet and tap into 140,000 iPhone apps. 


Activity Ideas 

Tell your child about changes in the way we communicate since you were a child. He or she might be shocked to imagine a world without cell phones or with only 20 Cable channels instead of 2,000. 

  • Do some field research: Ask grandparents, aunts and uncles, teachers and others about some of the biggest changes they've seen since they were kids. 
  • Help your child create a "time capsule"—on paper or via podcast—that includes technology that he or she thinks might be replaced by something more sophisticated over the next 15 years or so. 
Read, from New York Times:  With Its Tablet, Apple Blurs Line Between DevicesKids' Toy or Tech Tool?

Changing the Game
The latest news about head injures in the game of football has set the sports and science world abuzz. Researchers have found that concussions and head injuries are far more damaging than previously known; they can lead to short-term memory loss, early onset of Alzheimer's and depression. Last fall, the NFL adopted a new policy requiring players to be cleared by a brain-injury expert before returning to a game or practice. Several states are considering or have passed similar policy for youth sports.


Read: The Problem With Football: How To Make It Safer.

History of Football Helmet


Activity Ideas - Math

Tell your child that the Super Bowl is/was on February 7 and that the kickoff time is 6:25 p.m.

  • Find February 7 on a calendar. What day of the week is that? Sunday
  • A football game has four quarters that are 15 minutes each. How long is the game? (15+15+15+15 = 60 minutes, or 1 hour)
  • Imagine that the game is played without any timeouts or commercials. At what time would it end? 7:25 p.m. 
  • What time of day is that? Night 

Learning Tips
: What Time of Day Is It?
Game: Identifying Time
Watch: Concussions, Real Sports, HBO



Discovered: Dinosaur Colors

Recently scientists announced that they had discovered the color of a dinosaur that lived 125 million years ago. How? By studying its fossilized feathers. Scientists know that a bird's feathers get some color from pigments called melanins, which are contained within a capsule-like structure in the feather. The shape of the capsule depends on its color. In this case, the dinosaur's tail was covered with ginger and white feathers. 

Activity Ideas - Math

Imagine that you are working with paleontologists who recently made some exciting discoveries. A researcher is trying to identify the tail feathers on some very well-preserved fossils of several new types of dinosaurs. Use the key to help the scientist figure out the colors.

: Red

Square: Brown

Triangle: Blue

Rectangle: Yellow

Octagon: Orange

Triangle Rectangle Triangle Rectangle: Green

Square Circle Circle Square: Reddish brown 

  • Fossil 1: Feathers are made up of rectangles (yellow tail)
  • Fossil 2: Feathers on tail are made up of circles - red feathers;  the end of the tail is made up of octagons - orange feathers (red tail with yellow at the end)
  • Fossil 3: Scientist sees a shape with three sides (triangle; tail is blue)
  • Fossil 4: Scientist sees a shape that has four equal sides (square; tail is brown)
  • Fossil 5: Each feather is made up of this pattern: triangle rectangle triangle rectangle (green tail)
Learning Tips: Circles and Shapes
Game: Kinderweb's Shape Game

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