Activities & Lesson Plans - Kindergarten Newsletter 2/12/10 - Winter Games Watch

Grade: K

February 12, 2010 | Kindergarten

In This Issue: Get Moving for Kids' Health, Ready, Set—Games, Snow Days 

Healthy Families, Healthy Kids

First Lady Michelle Obama has officially launched the "Let's Move" initiative to fight childhood obesity. The campaign aims to help parents make healthy choices for their family, serve quality food in schools, improve access and affordability of healthy foods, and increase physical activity for kids.

Visit the CDC website for more information on childhood obesity.
Partnership for a Healthier America 


Activity Ideas - Math
Together with your child, talk about ways that your family could eat healthier or adopt better habits. 

  • Have your child help you plan a few days of healthy, well-rounded lunches. Discuss what that might look like. For example: Monday - peanut butter sandwich (cut in half), apple, graham crackers. 
  • Identify the possible shapes in each meal, i.e., sandwich - triangles or rectangles, apple - circle, Cheez-Its - squares
Learning TipsCircles and Other Shapes

Let the Games Begin

The 2010 Winter Games kick off in Vancouver, Canada. Athletes from more than 80 countries are going for Olympic Gold in 15 sports, including snowboarding, figure skating and bobsleigh. 

KideosMeet Miga, Mukmuk and their 2010 Vancouver mascot friends.
Watch this cool animated promo, featuring an Inuit athlete.


Activity Ideas - Language Arts
What do Olympic athletes have in common? For one thing, they're the best of the best. The skills required for each sport are very different; so even though Olympic athletes can be lumped together into one big talented group, they aren't all good at the same things. Find the word that doesn't belong in each word group:

  • Sports on ice: figure skating, speed skating, skiing, hockey, curling
  • Sports that use a sled: bobsleigh, skeleton, luge, snowboarding
  • Sports with twists and trickscurling, snowboarding, freestyle skiing
Learning TipsSorting Words Into Categories 
See the 
Canadian Olympic School Program for more activities and ideas. 

Dog on snowy streetSnow Days
A flurry of powerful snowstorms left people in several states snowbound. Washington, D.C., Baltimore and Philadelphia hit new annual snow records. Overall, at least 50 million Americans shivered, shoveled and frolicked in the storms' aftermath.
The New York Times readers shared their photos online, including this snow dog (left). See more at Picturing the Blizzard.


Activity Ideas - Math
Add and Subtract
Snow falls, then melts, then falls again. Have your child answer the questions about snow below.

  1. On Thursday, Central Park was covered by 10 inches of snow. If 5 more inches fell that night, how many inches would that be? 15 inches (10 inches + 5 inches = 15 inches)
  2. Imagine that your town got 5 inches of snow. If 2 inches melt in the afternoon sun, how many inches would be left? 3 inches (5 inches - 2 inches = 3 inches)
  3. Twenty-four inches of snow fell in some places. If 4 inches melt the next day, how much snow is left? 20 inches (24 inches - 4 inches = 20 inches)

Learning TipsAdd and Subtract Up to 20

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