Activities & Lesson Plans - Kindergarten Newsletter 2/19/10 - The Year Of Shaun White

Grade: K

February 19, 2010 | Kindergarten

In This Issue: Shaun White's Golden Games, Hawaiians Are Happier, A Winning Terrier 

Shaun at OlympicsWhite Goes Gold
In his second trip to the Winter Olympics, star snowboarder Shaun White soared above the competition. With two Olympic gold medals under his board, White has set his sights on the 2014 Winter Games.

Watch White in 2006 Olympics
See Shaun White's Website


Activity Ideas - Language Arts


Share the snowboarding terms with your child. Explain that you won't likely find these words in a dictionary—yet.


Alley-oop: A rotation of 180 degrees or more going uphill.

Blindside: Unable to see one's takeoff or landing.

Bone: To straighten one or both legs. 

Bonk: To hit an object with the snowboard and ride away. 

Butter: To flex the nose or the tail of the board.

Cab: To take off with usual back leg in front, spin 360 degrees and land in usual stance. Named for the American skateboarder Steve Caballero. 

Cork: An airborne rotation off the vertical axis. 

Fakie: To ride with the usual back leg in front. 

Frontside: The toe side of the board, and the direction the rider faces.

Goofy foot: To grasp a board's edge with one or both hands. 

  • In the fun, free spirit of the sport, make up nonsense rhymes using these words. For Example: I did an alley-oop, then grabbed for my ice cream scoop; The binkee went bonk, the bonkee did honk
Learning Tips: Rhyming Words
Game: Begins With

The Happiest State

A national survey of 350,000 people revealed that the state of Hawaii was the happiest place to live in 2009. The island bumped last year's winner, Utah, into second place. 

Take a Look At the List

Activity Ideas - Math

Problem Solving

Help your child gather information for a survey. 
  • First, decide on your topic. You may want to start with something straightforward, i.e., Do you prefer cold weather or warm weather? 
  • Come up with one image to represent each choice (above example could be snowflake for cold, sun for warm). Your child may draw each picture or cut out of magazine.
  • Conduct the survey among family and friends. 
  • Help your child graph the results using images.

Learning Tips: Collect Data for GraphsThe Best Show Dog
A Scottie named Sadie fetched Best in Show at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. The Scottish terrier beat a Doberman pinscher, C.J. The golden retriever didn't win any titles, but still proved it was golden after the crowd enthusiastically applauded its round in the ring.

Activity Ideas - Language Arts

  • Together with your child, come up with different categories for words based on the story. Let your child dictate categories, i.e., Cutest Dogs. 

Help your child identify following groups:

  • golden retrievers, yellow labs, cocker spaniels (dogs with light fur)
  • Lassie, Clifford, Snoopy (dogs in movies, books, cartoons)
Game of the Week

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