Activities & Lesson Plans - Kindergarten Newsletter 2/26/10 - Buying Batman

Grade: K

February 26, 2010 | Kindergarten

In This Issue: Superman for Sale, Hot Dog Redesign, From Zzzs to All A's 

Batman and Robin ComicSuperhero Sellouts?
The sale of Action Comics No. 1, a rare copy featuring Superman's debut, set a new record at $1 million. Faster than a speeding bullet a rare copy of Batman's debut, Detective Comics No. 27, sold for $1,075,500—smashing Superman's days-old record. Both comics originally cost 10 cents.


Activity Ideas - Language Arts

Stories and Literature

Discuss different types of reading materials with your child. Compare examples of comic books, newspaper comic strips, and graphic novels.

  • ASK: Are comic books and comic strips only about superheroes? What other main characters do you see?
  • How are comic books different from traditional books? (Illustrations in comic books tend to drive the story; Comic book story is mainly dialogue; Usually less text)
  • Suggest your child come up with a comic book character. Some questions to help him get started: Is the main character an animal, a superhero, a child? Does the main character have any special powers? If so, what are they? What does the character look like? Any unusual features? What is its name?
  • Encourage your child to draw the character and write a short story to create a newspaper-length comic book.
Learning Tips: Identify Types of Print MaterialsFantasy vs. Reality
Tale of Peter Rabbit

Wanted: New, Improved Hot Dog
The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has released a new policy statement on choking, and hot dogs are among the worst offenders. The AAP would like to see warning labels on hot dogs, hard candy and other high-risk foods. The docs also called on manufacturers to use safe shapes, sizes and textures when making food products for kids. Get Nostalgic: I'm an Oscar Mayer Wiener

Activity Ideas - Math

Share this with your child: Any food that has a cylindrical or round shape poses a risk. 
  • Together with your child, look through the kitchen cabinets to find foods of different shapes. Help him name the shapes.
  • Help him identify a hot dog's shape. (Cylindrical)
  • Discuss ways to make hot dogs safer. 
  • Use Play Doh, Silly Putty or dough to create a safer hot dog.
  • Help him come up with a slogan that calls attention to the new doc-approved design. 

Learning Tips: Circles and Other Shapes

Game: Matching ShapesTake Time for a Nap
A recent study indicates that a 
midday nap may help people learn and perform better later in the day. Participants took a test in the morning and again in the afternoon. Half napped for 90 minutes in between. The sleepers showed a 10% increase in learning ability.

Activity Ideas - Math

  • Help your child find out how much sleep a person her age needs to get. 
  • Keep track of the amount of sleep she gets each night for a week. Be sure to account for wakefulness during the night.
  • Make note of how she feels getting out of bed each morning: Could she sleep longer? Does she feel groggy or rested?
  • Try out a different sleep schedule if the current one leaves her tired.

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