Activities & Lesson Plans - Kindergarten Newsletter 3/05/10 - Finding Ancient Treasures In Egypt

Grade: K

March 5, 2010 | Kindergarten

In This Issue: Finding Pharaoh, Big-Screen Bash, Cook By Numbers

Ancient Treasures Unearthed
Heads-up from Egypt: Archaeologists have discovered a giant red granite head belonging to a statue of Amenhotep III. The pharaoh ruled from 1387-1348 B.C., a time noted for peace and luxury.  

Activity Ideas - Language Arts
Tell your child that the ancient Egyptians created a form of
picture writing known as hieroglyphicsAt first, each image represented the actual object it depicted. Over time, the pictures came to represent an object's appearance, related ideas, and the sound of a spoken word that described it.

  • Together with your child, come up with five images that represent an idea or short sentence. (For example, a picture of a sun would stand for "It's a nice day!" A flower might mean "Spring is on the way.")
  • Have your child draw or find pictures for your image alphabet.
  • Challenge family members or friends to figure out what the pictures mean.

Learning Tips: Letters Have Different Sounds

Image from movie UPBig-Screen Bash

The stars will be out for the 2010 Academy Awards, on Sunday March 7. The animated film Up is up for best picture. Will it float away with an Oscar or will it be "BlindSided" by the competition? 


Activity Ideas - Language Arts
Stories and Literature

  • Together with your child, discuss favorite movies. Have your child pick one that he or she has seen more than once.
  • Have him or her write down a list of the characters and their relationships to one another. Identify the main character.
  • Describe the setting: Where does the story take place? 
  • Write down a few important events from the story. Does the main character come up against a problem? How is this problem solved?

Learning Tips: Characters, settings and Important Events
The Tale of Peter Rabbit

Recipe for Success
Seventh graders at the Center for Creative Arts, in Chattanooga, Tennessee, are cooking the (math) books. The school's instructional coach started a program called Culinary Math for students struggling with the subject. Turns out, mixing math with cooking lessons can have some delicious results.

Activity Ideas - Math

Find a cookie recipe you would like to try. If you actually find the time to bake cookies, use them as props for some yummy problem-solving fun. 
  • Line up five cookies. Tell your child "We have five cookies. If we eat two, will we use addition or subtraction to figure out how many we have left?"
  • We have 12 cookies coming out of the oven. If we want to figure out how many cookies we've made so far, would we add or subtract the 12?
  • Use the cookies to count to 10 by pairs:  2, 4, 6, 8, 10.
Learning Tips: Problem Solving Strategies

Game of the Week
Word Blender Game

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