Activities & Lesson Plans - Kindergarten Newsletter 4/30/10 - Little Horse With Big Dreams

Grade: K

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April 30, 2010 | Kindergarten

In This Issue: Little Horse Is Big News, Sticky Notes, Buyers' Remorse

Einstein Ruler PhotoThe Mane Attraction
A pinto stallion named Einstein weighed 6 pounds and measured only 14 inches tall at birth—that's small even for his miniature breed. The New Hampshire-born foal may soon hold the Guinness World Record for smallest newborn horse.

Activity Ideas - Math
Sure, Einstein looks tiny in photos, but to truly get a sense of what a lightweight he is try these activities:
  • Measure and mark 14 inches on a large sheet of paper. Using the paper (or a ruler for approximate height) find things in or around your house that are about as tall as Einstein.
  • How light is 6 pounds? Find objects of similar weight (A stack of books? A bag of canned goods?), to see what it would feel like to hold Einstein. 
  • For each object measured or weighed, determine whether it is larger or smaller than Einstein.
Learning TipsCompare Lengths and Weights
Bonus: Visit the Guinness World Records site. Pick a few unbelievable examples from Guinness and make a list of real and fictional records. Challenge family or friends to identify real from fake.
Watch Einstein The Horse at Kideos.
Einstein's Baby Photos

An Invention of Note

This month the Post-it turns 30The handy yellow notepads emerged from teamwork and creativity; after one scientist discovered a formula for sticky stuff that could be repositioned time and again, the other decided to use it to keep a bookmark in place.  

Activity Ideas - Language Arts
  • Have Post-it notes handy. Write down at least two words, one per Post-it.
  • Come up with one rhyming word each for your first word choices.
  • Place the notes on different surfaces throughout the room.
  • Challenge your child to identify and pair up the rhyming words.
  • Adaptation: Choose two word categories, i.e., foods and animals. Come up with three words per category. Write the words on Post-its, one per note. Stick them around a room. Challenge your child to find and group the words by category.
Learning Tips: Rhyming WordsSorting Words Into Categories
Bonus: Use Post-it notes to create an artistic masterpiece. Just imagine what Degas or Monet could have done with hundreds of little yellow squares!
Take Note: See some interesting creations - Post-it Stop Motion Animation, Post-it Stop Motion Art
Tell your child's teacher about the Post-it Teachers' Activity Contest

A Slice of Apple
Apple shares hit an all-time high of $272.18 on April 23, the tech world started buzzing. If only people had bought Apple stock instead of that iPod or iBook, they would have made good money. One beleaguered buyer noted that if a person who bought an original iPod in 2001 had used the $499 to buy Apple shares instead, he or she would currently have $14,513.78. 

Activity Ideas
  • Most of us have lots of stuff that we don't need. Discuss the idea of want vs. need with your child.
  • Together, identify things that we need to survive—water, food, shelter, etc.
  • Go through some of your family's belongings together. Can you find anything that you could give to charity or to help others?
  • Gather excess stuff and donate to charity.

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