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Grade: K
May 10, 2010 | Kindergarten
In This Issue: What's Good Online, Kids' Books to Love, A Sweet Tax
Miss Piggy - Bohemian RhapsodyWeb AwardsGreat Gonzo! The Muppets' cover of "Bohemian Rhapsody" by Queen was crowned Viral Video of the Year by the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences. In their 14th year, the Webby Awards celebrate Internet achievement

Activity Ideas - Language Arts

Webby Awards are known for their succinct speeches, which are limited to five words. SMITH magazine has made the six-word memoir famous.
  • Write down a few short sentences with your child. Discuss the kinds of words that you need to make a complete sentence.
  • Read aloud a long sentence from a book or magazine. Compare the long sentence with your shorter ones. ASK: Besides more words, what do you notice about the longer sentence?  (More descriptive words, etc.)
  • Watch the Muppets' Bohemian Rhapsody cover or another video. Challenge your child to write a six word sentence about the video. Remind him or her that the words together need to share an idea or convey information.
Learning Tips: Sentences Are Made of Separate Words

A Week of Reading

Pippi Longstocking,
The Very Hungry Caterpillar; you never forget favorite childhood books or the person who shared them with you—usually a special teacher. Children's Book Week (CBW), from May 10-16, gives kids and families the chance to celebrate beloved classics and find great new reads.  

Activity Ideas - Language Arts
  • Together with your child, read a favorite book. 
  • Have your child point out the main character. ASK: What clues in the story tell you that he, she, or it is the main character?
  • Point out the other characters who play an important role in the story. ASK: How are they connected to the main character?
  • Ask your child to go over the story with you, as if you're not familiar with it: What are some important events in the story? 
  • Together, identify the main idea in the story. ASK: Is there a moral, or lesson, to be learned? 
Bonus: Suggest that your child write a new ending for the story. What point would he or she like to get across?
Learning Tips:
Characters, Settings and Important Events
Find Good Books:
Children's Choices Booklist

Big Beverage Tax
Do you try to keep your kids away from sugary soft drinks? Uncle Sam wants to help. More than 30 states now tax soda in an effort to limit the amount of sugar-added empty calories that Americans drink. California and New York are among several states considering an even higher
soda tax

Activity Ideas -Math
  • Tell your child that on average, Americans drink 50 gallons of soda a month. That is almost eight 2-liter bottles a month! 
  • Put a 2-liter bottle next to a smaller bottle of water or juice box. Have your child compare the two bottles. (One is smaller; people usually drink it in one sitting.)
  • Use a measuring cup to show your child what a single serving of liquid, 8 fluid ounces, looks like. Pour into a glass. 
  • Put ice in the glass. Discuss what the ice does to the liquid. ASK: Does ice make it look like there's more in the glass? What will happen when the ice melts? 
Bonus: Get a small fountain soda or beverage to take home. On average, a small soft drink at a fast-food restaurant is 16 fluid ounces. Pour into a glass. Have your child compare to 8 fl oz. 
Learning Tips: Compare Objects
Watch and Learn: Soda science experiments on Kideos Educational Channel - MythBusters, Diet Coke & Mentos 

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