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Grade: K July 16, 2010 | Kindergarten

In This Issue: Childhood Friendships, A Rare Flower's Growing Audience, LeBron James Will Play for Heat A Question of Friendship
Whoever thought best friendships might be bad for kids? Some educators are trying to teach kids to forego that one special friend for lots of more casual friends. This concerns some psychologists, who say that having a close childhood friend helps kids form healthy relationships as adults.

Activity Ideas - Language Arts
  • Discuss with your child the purpose of adjectives and adverbs.
  • Encourage your child to describe one of his or her close friends, using a variety of adjectives.
  • Together with your child, come up with an activity that his or her friend enjoys. Then help describe the action. (For example, Lois dances joyfully.)
Learning TipsDescribe people, Places and Things  A Flower's Stinky Saga
Most flowers have a nice smell, but the "corpse flower" is one notable exception. It has a scent reminiscent of rotting vegetables. This doesn't seem to bother the thousands of people lining up to see the corpse flower at the Houston Museum of Natural Science. As of July 16, diehard visitors continued to wait to see the flower's rare, beautiful bloom.

Activity Ideas - Math
The corpse flower stands about 5 1/2 feet tall.
  • Using a tape measure, find a plant in your house or yard that is about the same height. 
  • Who in your house is closest in height to the flower? Measure to find out.
  • Make a list of your family members and their heights, in relation to the flower, from tallest to shortest. Where does the flower fit in?
  • Imagine that the flower was in your house. Find a countertop, table or other surface that if it sat upon, it would touch the ceiling. 
Learning TipsCompare Lengths and Weights  LeBron James Rocks Cleveland
LeBron James let down fans of the Cleveland Cavaliers when he announced that he was leaving the team to join the Miami Heat. The superstar had played high school basketball in Akron, Ohio, and was considered a hometown hero since being drafted by the Cavaliers in 2003.

Activity Ideas - Language Arts
The following describe the steps involved in making a basket, but only if they happen in the right sequence. Help teammates Jamie and Katie make a basket.

 Katie's basket won the game. The crowd jumped to its feet, cheering for Katie.
4 Katie caught the ball and dribbled it down the court. 
3 Jamie passed Katie the basketball.
5 Katie shot the ball.
1 Jamie looked around the court for a teammate.
6 Swoosh! Katie made a basket. 
2 Jamie saw that Katie was open.

Learning TipsTell a Story in Proper Sequence  

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