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Grade: K June 28, 2010

In This Issue: Fun on the Fourth, End of World Cup for U.S., Historic Tennis Match at Wimbledon
An American Holiday
On the Fourth of July, people traditionally fly the American flag; wear red, white and blue; march in local parades; and watch fireworks displays. Then there are the more unusual celebrations: the rubber-duckie FireQuacker Duck Race in Hot Springs, SD; Family Olympics on Bald Head Island, NC; and Hoagie Day in Philadelpia, to name a few. Start your own family tradition!

Activity Ideas - Language Arts

  • Find pictures of events or objects associated with July 4th, i.e., flag, fireworks display, parade.
  • Print or cut out the July 4th images you find; mix them together with events other than the Fourth. 
  • Challenge your child to find the July 4th images and group together. 
  • Together with your child, write down the objects or events that belong in the July 4th group. 
Bonus: Incorporating a word from your July 4th list, write a sentence about what your family traditionally does on the Fourth—leaving out the word you have pulled from the list. Ask your child to complete the sentence. 
Learning Tipsorting Words Into Categories

Game Over for the U.S.  
The U.S. Men's National Team played Ghana on June 26; it was the last match that the U.S. would play in the 2010 World Cup. Landon Donovan tied the match, sending play into overtime. Ghana scored the tie-breaking goal, winning 2-1 and sending the U.S. home. 

Activity Ideas - Language Arts

Imagine that you are in South Africa for the World Cup. Your family is going on a safari in Kruger National Park. You write about it in your journal, but you are so tired that it's out of order. Put the story in the right order.

(4) We ate a hearty breakfast before leaving.

(2) The night before our safari, we were too excited to sleep! 
(5) On the safari, we saw lions, tigers, zebras, elephants and so many birds. 
We woke up and got ready. Mom helped me put on lots of sunblock.
(1) While my parents were planning the trip, they gave my brother and me books about the animals we might see.
(6) The next day, we talked about all the animals that we saw.

Learning TipsTell a Story in Proper Sequence
A Tennis Match to Remember
John Isner and Nicolas Mahut played a tennis match for the record books. 
The match lasted 11.5 hours over three days at Wimbledon—the longest match ever played. Isner finally delivered the winning shot after an unprecedented 183 games. One day later Isner was back on the court; sapped of all energy, he lost after 74 minutes.

Activity Ideas - Math

It may be helpful to use a calendar for the following.

  • In the longest tennis match ever, John Isner played from June 22 to June 24. How many days is that? 3 days
  • Identify the days that the dates represent. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday.
  • Are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday days of the week or the weekend? Days of the week.
  • Isner played at Wimbledon, which runs from June 21 - July 4. How many days is that? 14 days.
  • Seven days make up one week. Based on this, 14 days make up _____ weeks. 2 weeks.
Learning Tips: Days of the Week 

Game of the Week

Word Jumbler Game
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