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June 14, 2010 | Kindergarten

In This Issue: Gates Foundation Gives Billions, Sleep Studies, Banning Plastic Bags

The Gates Foundation Gives More
The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has donated billions of dollars to help people around the world. It recently announced that it would donate $1.5 billion to improve health care for women and children in developing nations.
Activity Ideas - Language Arts
  • Tell your child that the Gates Foundation has given a lot of money to help people around the world. 
  • Together, come up with adjectives to describe Bill and Melinda Gates. Kind, caring, good, helpful, etc. 
  • Help your child write a sentence about the Gates, i.e., Bill and Melinda Gates are good people

Sleep Studies

A recent study found that after 10 hours of sleep, football players ran faster. Another study found that regular bedtime routines helped to boost preschoolers' language arts and math skills. The moral of the studies? Sleep is important.

Activity Ideas - Math

Ask your child when the following events occur.
  • Bedtime - Morning, noon, night.
  • Wake up - Morning, noon, night.
  • Eat breakfast - Morning, noon, night. 
  • Eat lunch - Morning, noon, night
Ask your child who gets more sleep, based on the number of hours shown here: 
  • Jen - 10 hours.  Tommy - 8 hours.
  • Kyle - 7 hours.   Lily - 8 hours
  • Mom - 6 hours.  Dad - 7 hours.
Learning Tips: What Time of Day Is It?

Beyond Plastic Bags

Americans use about 90 billion plastic bags each year. North Carolina's Outer Banks, California and Washington, D.C., have taken steps to reduce the use of plastic bags in their cities. Several California cities have plastic bag bans, and lawmakers are considering a statewide initiative.

Activity Ideas
  • Suggest your child make a plastic or paper bag re-usable by decorating it. 
  • For a paper bag, use crayons or markers to color the outside or help your child cut pictures out of magazines.
  • For a plastic bag, use ribbon or yarn as decoration. 
  • While you create your re-usable bag, discuss how "dressing up" a bag might make people want to use it more than if it were plain paper or plastic bag.
  • Imagine that you and your child want to inspire other people to make their own re-usable bags. Together, write a slogan or saying to convey how fun it can be. For example, "Grocery shopping goes from blah to hurrah!"

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