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June 1, 2010 | Kindergarten

In This Issue: Silly Distractions, Facebook's About Face, Cleopatra's Treasures

Silly BandzSilly Bandz Suspended 
Teachers aren't amused by Silly Bandz. The stretchy, colorful bracelets come in all sorts of fun shapes, including flowers, animals and other creatures. Similar to a rubber band, each retains its shape through wear and tear. The craze has become such a distraction that schools in New York, Texas and several other states have banned them.

Activity Ideas - Math
Use Silly Bandz for this activity if available.

  • Select two groups of Bandz, i.e., a set of baseball shapes and a set of dinosaur shapes.
  • Dump them out on a table and mix the shapes together. 
  • Don't tell your child what the different sets are; ask him or her to sort them into two groups according to shape. 
  • After they are sorted, ask your child to identify what the two categories are, by shape. 
Learning Tips: Sort Objects

Facebook Loses Friends
Facebook has had to do an about face after changing its privacy policies in April. Users blasted Facebook for new features that included allowing other sites to access their personal information. CEO Mark Zuckerberg, 26, responded to users' outrage by announcing that the social network would make it easier to
protect personal information.

Activity Ideas - Language Arts

Tell your child about the dispute between Facebook and its users. Then ask him or her to help you put the following events in the right order.

3. CEO Mark Zuckerberg announces that Facebook will change privacy settings to address users' concerns. 
2. Users become extremely upset by the rule changes and complain strenuously. 
5. Facebook friends live happily, and privately, every after? To be continued...
1. Facebook changes its privacy rules, which sets off a wave of complaints.  
4. Zuckerberg presents the improved rules, hoping that users will see that Facebook heard their concerns and made changes based on those concerns.

Learning Tips: Tell a Story in Proper Sequence
Play It Safe: Kids aren't always as cautious as they need to be. Read more about Kids Online Safety

Ancient Treasures
Archaeologists working off the coast of Alexandria, in Egypt, continue to unearth ancient artifacts. The site includes a sprawling palace and temple complex, part of an ancient city that slid into the sea 1,600 years ago. The legendary Queen of Egypt, Cleopatra, once lived there. 

Activity Ideas - Language Arts

  • Challenge your child to say the word "archaeologist." Point out that it has many syllables.
  • ASK: What sound does the letter combination "ch" make, in this case? K 
  • Say the word together, clapping out the syllables. Have your child identify the number of syllables in the word "archaeologist." 5 syllables.
  • Choose another word from the story, i.e., pharoah. Ask: What sound do the letters ph make together? F 
  • Count the number of syllables. 
Learning Tips: Blend Sounds to Make Syllables

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