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June 21, 2010 | Kindergarten

In This Issue: Sea Turtle Swim Video, Harry Potter Theme Park, Law to Make Toys Safe

A Sea Turtle StarThis sea turtle was ready for its close-up; after finding a digital camera, the turtle somehow turned it on and made a swimming video clip. A Coast Guard Agent found the camera on the beach in Key West and put the footage online to try to find the camera's owner. The story has a happy ending—a Navy sailor got his camera back and the sea turtle made a splash on YouTube.

Activity Ideas - Language Arts
The seven species of sea turtle all have names that are drawn from appearances or behaviors. We've included five of the species below; try to guess what each name describes.

1. Olive Ridley sea turtle
a.) This turtle loves olives.
b.) It has an olive green colored shell.

2. Loggerhead sea turtle
a.) It migrates to areas where loggers work.
b.) It has an exceptionally large head.

3.) Green sea turtle
a.) It is named for the green color of the fat under its shell.
b.) Scientists think the only color it can see is green.

4. Leatherback sea turtle
a.) The females use leather coats as shelter when nesting.
b.) Its shell is composed of a layer of thick, tough, rubbery skin that looks "leathery."

5.) Flatback sea turtle
a.) Named for its shell, which is very flat.
b.) When out of the water, it likes to lay flat on its back. Harry Potter and the Magical Park
Disney may have to share the name "Magic Kingdom." On June 18, the Wizarding World of Harry Potter opened; the Potter theme park has flying broomsticks, moving paintings and invisibility cloaks. Even more magical for some—while there, visitors can explore the village of Hogsmeade and enjoy some Butterbeer. 

Activity Ideas - Language Arts
Think about the roller coasters that you've seen at theme parks. The track sometimes forms letters. 

  • Some coasters have loops; they go upside down while traveling in a circle. What letter forms a circle? O
  • Some coasters go straight up and then plunge straight down. This looks like an upside down letter—which one? U
  • If a roller coaster goes over two little hills, one right after the other, what letter does this look like? m
Bonus: Design your own coaster, with a track that spells out a word. Use your imagination; this ride will never make it off the drawing board.
Take a Virtual Ride at Kideos:
Kingdom Ka
Learning Tips: Letters Vs. WordsPlaying It Safe
Two years ago, a child-safety law went into effect to protect children from toys containing lead. Now, many small toy retailers say they can't afford the testing required for certification—and that they were never part of the problem. The local mom-and-pop shops often hand-pick the toys that they sell, and some order mainly from Europe, where lead laws are stricter. Lawmakers continue to grapple with ways to protect children and the mom-and-pop shops. 

Activity Ideas - Math
  • Imagine that a Barry's Toy Shop has 10 teddy bears. Someone comes in and takes home 5. How many are left? 5 teddy bears (10 bears - 5 bears = 5 bears)
  • Troy's Toys sells talking toy dump trucks. He has 2 in the store, so he orders 8 more. How many will he have? 10 dump trucks (2 trucks + 8 trucks = 10 trucks)
  • You have 10 crayons; your little brother loses 3. How many do you have left? 7 crayons (10 crayons - 3 crayons = 7 crayons)
Learning Tips: Add and Subtract Up to 20
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