1st Grade - Add Or Subtract 2-Digit Numbers

Addition and Subtraction
Add or Subtract 2-Digit Numbers
Solve addition and subtraction problems with one and two digit numbers.
The student will be able to solve addition and subtraction with one and two digit numbers, such as 5+53=58

Sample Problems


1+4= (5)


10-4= (6)


33+2= (35)


11-2= (9)


14+6= (20)

Learning Tips


Manipulative Madness: For this activity you will need to obtain many small manipulatives, such as buttons. You will also need paper, a pencil, and a while board with markers and an eraser. Provide your child with the large container of buttons. You will need to create simple addition and subtraction problems on the white board. Write out one at a time. Make sure that you use both one digit problems (9+3), along with one and two digit problems (3+52). After you have written out the problem, have your child copy the problem onto their paper. They may use the buttons to assist them in solving each of the problems.


Flashcard Fun: For this activity you will need to use either store bought or homemade flashcards that contain both addition and subtraction problems. These flashcards will also need to contain problems that are single digit (5+4), along with one and two digit problems (45-2). You may also provide small manipulatives to assist your child with these problems. Show your child a problem on a flashcard and ask them to solve the problem. They can use the manipulatives, counting up or down, or they may choose to solve the problem on paper. Some children prefer to use dots or tally marks to solve the problems. You can turn this activity into a game, by having another family member play with your child. The challenge will be to see who can solve each problem first. The person who solves the problem first, will earn a point. The player with the most points at the end of the game will win.


Cheerio Math: For this activity you will need to purchase a box of Cheerios cereal. You will also need to use addition and subtraction flashcards that contain problems with single digits (2-1) and one and two digit problems (36+3). Have your child use the cheerios to demonstrate each problem presented on the flashcards. After they have shown the problem and solution for each problem, they can eat the cheerios.


M&M Math: For this activity you can present your child with a variety of addition and subtraction problems. Some of the problems should contain all single digits (2+2) and other problems should have both one and two digits (42-2). Allow them to use candy, such as M&Ms, to represent and solve the problems. After completing many problems and demonstrating a solid understanding of this concept, allow them to eat some of their candy.


Addition and Subtraction Fun: For this activity, your child will create a small and simple book demonstrating addition and subtraction problems. You and your child can create a simple story, for example maybe you will create a story about a birthday party. Help your child create different word problems to go along with their birthday party story. For example, the story will begin by the main character deciding who they will invite to their party. The text may say,” Sarah is having a birthday party. She has invited 8 of her friends. She wants to invite 3 more. How many friends will Sarah have invited to part all together?” Next your child would need to create a picture and show the written form of the problem (8+3=11) on their page. They will continue through this process until an entire story has been created and you and your child have made an addition and subtraction story problem book.

Extra Help Problems


2+4= (6)


11-3= (8)


22+4= (26)


19-5= (4)


37+3= (40)


64-1+ (63)


53+5= (58)


9+8= (17)


43-1= (42)


27+1= (28)


42-2= (40)


6-2= (4)


17+4= (21)


76-4 = (72)


62-3 = (59)


93+1= (94)


57+4 = (61)


82-6= (76)


12+9= (21)


58-6= (52)


66+3= (69)


74-8 = (66)


73+7 = (80)


82+5= (87)


90+8= (98)


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