1st Grade - Sum Of Three Numbers

Addition and Subtraction
Sum of Three Numbers
Find the sum of three one-digit numbers.
The student will be able to add three one digit numbers together.

Sample Problems


1+2+3= (6)


2+3+4= (9)


1+2+1= (4)


4+1+2= (7)


1+7+3= (11)

Learning Tips


Mat and Manipulatives: For this activity you can use a solid colored plastic place mat and some small objects your child can manipulate (beans, M&Ms, buttons, etc.). You will also need a white board and markers. For this activity you will need to write simple problems containing 3 one digit numbers on the white board. The following problems may be used as example problems. [ 1+2+3= (6) 2+2+1= (5) 5+1+2= (8) ] To begin this activity you can complete the first couple of problems with your child. For example with the problem 1+2+3= using the manipulatives, show your child that 1+2=3 and then you take 3 and add it to the other 3 (3+3=6), to obtain a final answer of 6. Once your child becomes proficient at this activity you can turn it into a game by adding another family members and then challenging both players to obtain the answer to the problem first. Whoever obtains the correct answer first receives a point. The player with the most points at the end of the game wins.


Read, Draw, and Add: For this activity you will need paper, pencils, and a white board with markers. Begin the activity by reviewing how to complete 3 one-digit addition problems. On the white board you will write simple 3 one-digit addition problems, such as 1+3+5= (9). After you have written a problem, such as the above, you will ask your child to draw a picture to represent this problem. For example, using the above problem of 1+3+5= (9) your child will need to draw a picture to represent 1+3. Let’s say the draw bees. They would need to draw one bee and then three more bees. Then they would circle all of the bees and write the number 4 under the circled bees. Next they would draw five bees, circle the five bees, and then write the number five underneath the circle. After they have completed this they would need to solve the addition problem 4+5= 9. Have them write this addition problem on their paper and then show them how they can use the bees they drew to assist them in solving this problem.


Sticker Solutions: For this activity you will need to go to your local educational supply or office supply store. You will need to purchase small stickers, preferably the type that contains many of the same type of stickers. With this activity you will write a problem on the top of a piece of paper. Next provide your child with the stickers and ask them to show the problem on their paper by using the stickers. Have them solve the problem in two sections, by adding the first two numbers and then by adding the answer to the first problem to the last number. Along with using the stickers to show the problem, have them write out the problem in sections as they solve it.


Food Fun: With this activity you will need flashcards, either store bought or home-made, that contains 3 one-digit addition problems. Take your child into your kitchen and tell them they are going to need to show you how to solve some addition problems using food in the kitchen. Show your child the first flashcard. Let’s say the problem on the card reads 1+2+1. Tell your child they need to show you this problem with food. Maybe they grab one banana, 2 oranges, and one apple. Ask them to show you how to solve the problem. They will they need to demonstrate that one banana plus two oranges equal three pieces of fruit. They you take the three pieces of fruit and add it to the one apple and now they have a total of four pieces of fruit. Continue this activity using different problems on the flashcards and different types of food from the kitchen.


Wipe-Off Tree: For this activity you will need to draw a large tree on a piece of paper. In the middle of the tree draw a template for a three one digit addition problem (____+____+____=____). Under the first two blanks draw two arrows that will meet in a point to a blank line below. Next to the first blank, which will contain the answer to the first portion of the addition problem, there will be another addition sign and another blank, to be filled in with the last number in the addition problem. The template inside of the tree should look like this.


________ + _______=_______

Next, laminate the picture, so that you can reuse this tree template. Use wipe off dry erase markers when working on problems. Have your child fill in the template and solve the problem in sections.

Extra Help Problems


1+6+0= (7)


4+1+2= (7)


0+2+8= (10)


1+6+3= (10)


4+9+1= (14)


2+5+9= (16)


6+8+4= (18)


1+0+1= (2)


4+5+9= (18)


3+6+6= (15)


5+2+0= (7)


6+3+9= (18)


9+1+1= (11)


8+3+2= (13)


2+9+6= (17)


5+1+2= (8)


9+5+3= (17)


3+1+9= (13)


8+7+9= (24)


1+7+2= (10)


3+5+8= (16)


2+7+4= (13)


4+6+3= (13)


5+5+5= (15)


1+8+6= (15)


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