1st Grade - Give Directions To A Place

Problem Solving
Give Directions to a Place
Give and follow directions about location.
The student will be able to give and follow directions regarding locations.

Sample Problems


Crawl under your desk.


Walk to the back door.


Go and stand at the back of the line.


Walk around the chair two times.


Jump over the book three times.

Learning Tips


Simon Says With a Twist: For this activity, you and your child can play “Simon Says,’ but with an added twist. One person with be “Simon.” They will give the other person or other people the directions that must be followed. The person receiving the directions will only follow them if Simon” starts the directions by saying “Simon says…” If they do not start the directions with “Simon says,” then the person receiving the directions will not follow what they were instructed to do. However, if they follow directions that were not from “Simon” (Simon says…), then are out. If there are multiple players then the last person to not be tricked by Simon wins and they will they become the next Simon. The twist in this game comes from the fact that “Simon” will provide instructions that involve location. ‘Simon” may have the person receiving instructions to go under something, or go on something else. The object of this activity should be to try to relate all of the instructions given to location.


Twister: This game can be purchased at your local toy store. With this activity, you child will need to place their hands and feet on different locations on a mat. The activity is much more fun with multiple players and then location for each player can be discussed.


Tasty Treat Treasure Hunt: For this activity, your child will need to follow a list of directions that will lead them to a tasty treat. Have you child begin by finding and envelop addressed to them. When they open it directions for the Tasty Treat Treasure Hunt will be inside. Invite them to ask friends or family members to join them in their hunt to make it more exciting. The directions can be a list of activities they need to complete in order to find the treat or you can make the activity more like a scavenger hunt, supply clues to the next location and another clue until they come to the end and receive their treat.


Object Hide and Seek: For this activity one person will hide an object (mutually agreed on before the game begins), while the other player or players close their eyes. . The other player or players will need to follow the directions of the “hider” in order to retrieve the object. Once a player finds the object in question, they will then become the “hider.” This activity will reinforce both the giving and following of directions for this particular standard.


What’s Next?: For this activity, you will need two people, a blank piece of paper, a pencil, pre-made pictures (either drawings you or your child have created, or pictures from book, magazines, or old calendars) , and a folder or separator of some sort so that the two players are unable to see each other. One player will be the “direction giver.” The other player will be the “direction follower.”. The game will begin with the direction giver having the pre-made pictures in front of him or her. The direction follower will sit across from the direction giver and the folder or separator will be placed in between the two so that neither person is able to see each other. The direction giver will look at a picture in front of him, such as a child playing on a slide. The giver will then provider the follower with step by step directions to complete the picture focusing on the location of the objects in the picture. The giver will need to be specific to the size and location of each object in the picture. At the end of the activity, both parties will enjoy comparing pictures and see how well the directions were given and how well they were followed. After sharing the pictures, both parties can switch roles, so that each person is able to give and follow directions.

Extra Help Problems


Circle the picture of the boy behind the tree.


Draw a square around the cake that is on top of something.


Look at the circles below. Put an X on the last one.


Look at the triangles below. Put an X on the first one.


Look at the shape below. Color the middle shape red.


Draw an X under the triangle.


Draw a happy face inside of the square.


Draw a heart around the rectangle.


Look at the picture of the line of children. Circle the child that is first in line and draw an x on the child that is last in line.


Draw a row of hearts. Color the first heart red, the middle heart blue, and the last heart green.


Look at the picture of the line of cows. Put an X on the first cow and a square around the last.


Circle the picture that shows the ball next to the tree.


Draw a square around the house that is located in the middle of the street.


Draw a large circle in the center of your paper.


In the middle of the circle, draw a triangle.


Color the triangle orange.


Next, make a rectangle on the left side of the circle.


Draw a small star on the top of the circle.


Draw 2 Xs under the rectangle that is in the middle.


Draw 3 small circles inside the last square.


Circle the first car with a red crayon and the last car with a yellow crayon. Draw a square around the dog that is sitting on the left side of the fence.


Circle the cat that is sitting under the moon.


Draw a picture of a cactus on the right side of your paper.


Draw two mountains in the middle of your paper.


Draw 3 trees in the middle of those mountains.


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