1st Grade - Reading Common Words

Reading and Comprehension
Reading common words
Read common and irregular sight words.
The students will be able to recognize and read common and irregular sight words. These are words that may not be able to be read by a child blending the word's sounds. These will need to be read by sight or by memory. Sight words may also be referred to as memory words, or words that the children just need to remember.

Sample Problems


A sight word is a word that we usually cannot _________. (sound out)


Underline the 2 sight words in the following sentence:

The dog is fat. (the, is)


Circle one of the sight words in the following question:

What will you eat? (what, will, you)


My cat is lost again.

There are 2 sight words in this sentence. Can you find them?

(my, again)


I want a pet.

Underline the sight word in the sentence above. (want)

Learning Tips


Flashcard review and practice are always beneficial when it comes to this skill. You can obtain a list of the first grade sight words from the following website:


This website also contains templates of flashcards to use with your child.


Concentration: With this game you will need two game cards per word. Mix up all of the cards and place them all face down on the table. You and your child can take turns looking for pair of match sight word cards. If a match is found the player that made the match keeps these cards. If two different cards are located, then both are flipped over and the other player takes a turn. The game is complete when all matches have been made. Remember to have your child identify the words on the word cards as they flip each card over.

You can print out to sets of flash cards from the following website-


I recommend using only one set of words at a time until your child builds up their recognition skills with the sight words. For example, start by playing with the preprimer list. Once your child has built up their proficiency with this set, move on the primer set of words. When they have become proficient on this level, move to the first grade list. For an additional challenge, when they have become skilled at all levels; try having a game using all of the words cards.


White Board Challenge: Using the following website as a guide for words to practice, read a word to the students, and have them spell the sight word on their white board. Keep a record of which words students know easily and which word they will need extra review on. http://www.manning.k12.ia.us/Elementary/teachers/Coon/sight_words.htm


Rainbow Writing: Using the website below as a reference list of sight words for first and second grade, have the students focus on 5-10 words per week. Using a black maker and an 81/2 x 11 sheet of paper, write one word per piece of paper. Using their crayons, have the children practice, writing, saying, and spelling each sight word, by tracing the word with at least 5 different color crayons. They can keep each rainbow word page that they create and make a book to go back and practice and review.


Give your child a section of the daily newspaper and a highlighter. Have them highlight all of the sight words that they recognize. Also, remember to point out sight words when reading to your child and have them identify sight words when reading to you.

Extra Help Problems


Find a sight words in the following group of words. Underline all fot he sight word you see.

( family, area, pets, get, sun)


Fill in the missing sight word in the following sentence.

­­­­­­­­­­­_______ will you go to the store? (When)


Solve the riddle. Think of a word that describes when someone has had many birthdays. (old)


Circle the word that describes the shape of a ball. (round)


Circle the word that will best complete the sentence.

Can you _______ come over to our house?

(what, with, she, please)


Underline the word that you would use if you are talking about more than one person.

(she, he, I , me. they)


Fill in the missing word.

They_____ to the circus.

(went, goed, will)


Solve the riddle. This is a type of exercise. Many people do this a play with a rope at the same time. It starts with the letter "j." What is it?



The joke was _________. Fill in the missing sight word.



Circle the word that will solve the riddle. Draw a picture of your answer. The sun is _________. A flower is ________. The duck is _______. What color am I think of?

(red, purple, yellow)


Underline the word that describes the size of something that is small.

(big, large, little, medium)


Will ________ play with me? Fill in the missing word.



How do you spell the word 3? (three)


He will climb ___ the ladder to reach the top of the roof. What word is missing?



Do you know _______ the boy is? Draw a box around the word that will complete the sentence.

(when, why, how, where, while)


_________ will you finish the book? What is the missing word. Draw a circle around it.

(if, when, did, let)


Write three sight words.


What make a sight word special? (It is a word that we need to memorize. They can't always be sounded out. We see them a lot when we are reading.)


Why is it important to know the sight words? (They are written often in books and stories and they cannot be sounded out. We just need to know what they say so we can be fluent readers. )


Write 4 sight words.


What is another name for sight words? (memory words)


Circle the word that will complete the following sentence.

I know ____ to read.

(on, how, then, take)


Draw a box around all of the sights words.

(thank, round, at, pat, frog)


________ sister is at home. Fill in the word that best completes the sentence.

(my, after, on, up, I)


Underline the word in the sight word in the sentence.

His dog had a bath.



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