1st Grade - Following Instructions

Reading and Comprehension
Following instructions
Follow one step written instructions.
The students will be able to follow one step written instructions.

Sample Problems


Write your name on the first mine of your paper.


Draw a circle around your name.


Draw a picture of your favorite food in box number one.


Write the name of your favorite food under your picture.


Draw a detailed picture of yourself.

Learning Tips


Scavenger Hunt: Have your child go on a scavenger hunt around the house. This is an extremely fun and motivating way for your child to follow one-step written instructions. You will need to provide them with a list of items to get. I usually have them get a list of items that lead to an end activity, such a packing a picnic lunch and going to the park, or gathering the items needed to go to the beach. The list should be simple and it can even be broken up by writing each item on an individual index card. For example, the first card may say "Get the large green blanket out of the hall closet." Once your child has obtained the large green blanket and given it to you, give them the next card, which may say "Make 2 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches." Once they have made the sandwiches and given them to you, you will provide them with the next card until all of the steps have been completed and all of the items for the picnic or other activity have been gathered.


Family Activities: If you have a special day or time of day in which your family likes to participate in "family time," I recommend writing down different activities on index cards and allow your child to pick a card. They should read the card to the family and then the family will complete the activity that the child picked such as; go to the park, play ball, read a book, play a board game, go for a walk, etc.


Take pictures from a magazine and glue each picture on the back of an index card. On the front of the card give simple step by step instructions for how to draw the object on the back. For example if you have a picture of a red apple on the back of the card, on the front of the card, very simple steps would be listed. It could say; #1- Draw a medium circle in the middle of the card. #2 Color the inside of the circle red. #3- Add a stem and two small leaves to the top of the red circle. When your child is finished with the simple steps have them flip the card over and see if they drew the correct object.


Chore Chart: If your child had daily chores, this is a great way to reinforce the skill of following written directions. If they do not yet have daily chores, here is an opportunity to practice some additional responsibility at home, along with practicing the skill of following directions. Take a piece of construction paper at divide it into 7 squares one for each day of the week. Label each box with a day of the week Sunday-Saturday. In each box write one household chore for your child to do. Each box should have a different activity. Each day your child will need to read the box corresponding to each day of the week and find out what chore they will be completing. Upon reading and completing each chore, you can either draw a happy face or star in the box or you can place a sticker inside.


Game Board: For this activity you will need poster board, markers, and blank index cards. You can use different coins for the game board markers. On the poster board draw squares that connect, make a track and start at one side of the board and go to the other. After drawing the track and squares, color the squares a variety of different colors. Next, take the blank index cards and you will write a simple one-step direction on each card. You can choose actions to perform, words to generate, or questions to answer. For example, for action cards, they may say this such as; Hop on one foot for 10 seconds. Turn around three times. Do 9 jumping jacks. If a player picks a card that wants a word, examples of this may include; Say a word that has a long vowel. Say a word that rhymes with top. Write down a color word. If the card is asking a question, it may ask things such as, What is the setting of a story? Who are the characters in a story? Can you name a story that you have read in school this year? These are just samples of possible playing cards. After you have written the questions/directions on each card you will need to write how many spaces the player will get to move after they have followed the directions on the card. Next, you will need to decide what coin each player will use for their marker. The youngest person playing the game gets to go first. They will pick a card and if they are able to follow the instructions on the card they will move the number of spaces indicated on their card. The next person will repeat the same process (pick a card, complete the request from the card, move the number of spaces). The person to follow the game board to the end and arrives at the end first, wins.

Extra Help Problems


Circle the word with the short o in it. (hats, logs, eggs)


Draw a picture of yourself.


Circle the word that is a color word. (apple, pear, purple)


Underline the action word in the sentence. (I can jump.)


Make a box around the describing word. (The tree is big.)


Draw a picture of your favorite place.


Write the name of your favorite place under the picture you drew.


Draw a picture of the setting of your favorite story.


Write the names of the people in your family.


Draw a picture of the members of your family.


Draw a picture of your bedroom.


Label all of the things in the picture of the things in your bedroom.


Draw a large circle in the middle of your paper.


Draw a square inside of the circle.


Draw a rectangle inside of the square.


Draw a triangle inside the rectangle.


Write 2 words that contain long vowels.


Write 2 words that contain short vowels.


Write a sentence that describes what your hair looks like.


Draw a picture of your favorite activity.


Write a sentence that describes your favorite activity.


Draw a picture of your favorite animal.


Draw a picture of where your favorite animal lives.


Write a sentence that describes your favorite animal.


Write a sentence that tells what your favorite animal eats.


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