1st Grade - First Grade Reading Words

Reading and Comprehension
First grade reading words
Use knowledge of vowel digraphs and r-controlled letter sound associations to read words.
With this skill, the students will be able to use their knowledge of digraphs to read words. A vowel digraph occurs when two vowels sit together in the middle of a word (ex. rain). In this type of situation, the first vowel will say its own name and the second vowel is silent. Within this same skill, students will also take their knowledge of r-controlled letters to assist with reading. This mean that students will recognize when a word contains the letter r and the letter r follows a vowel, the vowel is usually forced to change its sound. For example, in the word "car," the letter "r" controls the vowel sound. When "r" controls the vowel sound, it is often referred to as "Bossy R."

Sample Problems


The grass is _______. Fill in the missing word and circle the vowel team.

(pink, green, sand, water)


When do we say that the letter "r" is bossy when it sits next to a vowel? (when the letter "r" controls what the vowel in a words says)


Fill in the missing word in the sentence. Choose a word from the word box.

The boy is on a red ______.

(shirt, book, boat, game)

Draw a picture to match the sentence.


I will _______ the book.

Write a word from the word box to complete the sentence.

(cook, run, read, lets)


Circle the word that has a "Bossy R" in it.

(top, far, fan, log)

Learning Tips


"Bossy R" Puppet: When discussing r-controlled words, we will often refer to the "r" as "bossy r" because the "r" is controlled what the other letter says. Have your child create their own "Bossy R" puppet out of an old sock. Make a "Bossy R" label that they can glue onto their puppet. You can also assist the children in write r-controlled words on their puppet for decoration. Whenever you review r-controlled words with flashcards or in stories, have your child use their "Bossy R" puppet to reinforce this concept.


Vowel Teams: Long vowel sounds are made when two vowels sit together in a word. These vowels are often refer to as "vowel teams." Another way to reinforce this concept is to share this saying with your child, "When 2 vowels go walking, the first one does the talking." Use the following website to obtain word lists to help the students practice decoding the long vowel words.


You can flashcards of these words and assist your child with reading the words by reinforcing the "2 vowels go walking" rule. Also, have your child take 2 fingers (index and middle) and place them under the vowel team in a word. Have them repeat the 2 vowels go walking rule, while moving their fingers under the vowels, as if their fingers are walking. This will provide an auditory, visual, and tactile experience to reinforce this vowel rule.


Word Sort: You can use flash cards for both r-controlled vowels and vowel digraphs, also known as vowel teams. Use the following websites for word list to assist in making cards.

http://www.reading-now.com/maryland/first_grade_reading.html http://specialed.about.com/library/Spelling/rcontrolleddare.pdf





After you have made the flash cards, mixed them up with the r-controlled vowels and the vowel team words.


When you and your child are reading together, point out r-controlled words (or Bossy R). Also make sure you discuss why a letter has a long vowel. Is it a vowel team or is there a silent "e" at the end of the word?


Word Wall List: Children love objects that are big. Tape or tack up a large piece of paper inside a door, maybe your child's closet Make sure the paper is at a level where they can reach it. Challenge them to make a "huge" list of all of the words they find with either vowel digraphs, or Bossy R words. Each time a child finds either one of these types of words have them write it this paper. Review the list often and discuss the special vowel rule that goes along with each word listed.

Extra Help Problems


Complete the sentence with a word from below. Circle the correct answer.

If you _____ when driving, you could get a ticket.

(run, speed, fly, some)


Figure out what vegetable is being described. Write the correct answer on the line.

I am a vegetable. I am green and come inside of a pod. I am round and small. What am I? I am a _____. (pea)


Write two examples of long "e" words that have vowel teams in the middle. (ex. please, tease, teeth)


Write a word that contains a "Bossy R." (car)


Write a word that has a long "o" vowel team in the middle of the word. (ex- goat, bloat, moat, soak)


Complete this rule: If two vowels go walking the first one does the __________. (talking)


What do we mean when we say, “the first one does the talking?" (The first vowel in a vowel team pair will say its own name. The other vowel is silent.)


When does the letter "r" get bossy? (when it sits next to a vowel in a word)


Give an example of a long "a" word that has a vowel team in the middle. (tail, pail)


I am thinking of a long "o" word that rhymes with boat. Can you guess what it is? (goat, moat, coat)


What has a green body, has a shell on its back, is slimy and leaves a trail as it moves? It is a _________. (snail)


He spilled his food on his shirt. Now it will have a stain.

Draw a line under the Bossy R word and a circle around the word with a vowel team.


The shark bit the girl. The bite will leave a scar.

Circle all of the words that have a bossy r. Put a box around any word that has a vowel team.


They like to play with clay. What two words have a vowel team?

(play, clay)


I heard the bird chirp. Circle the bossy r words.

(heard, bird, chirp)


Write 2 words that have a Bossy R.


What part of your body helps you to think? (brain)


The little boy liked to play in the ________.

Look at the picture and read the sentence underneath. Fill in the missing word. (dirt)


The horse would swing his _________ to keep the flies away. (tail)


The little girl wore her new pink _____ to school.

Look at the picture, read the sentence, and fill in the missing word.



When the sun goes down it gets________. (dark)

Fill in the blank and draw a picture to match the completed sentence.


The children went to the ________ to play on the swings. (park).

Write the missing word and color the matching picture.


The wagon had 4 ________. (wheels) Draw a line to the missing word. (water, wheels, vests)


The king and ______ live in the castle. (queen)


The mouse wanted to eat the piece of _______. (cheese)


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