1st Grade - Matching Oral And Printed Words

Matching oral and printed words
Matching oral words to printed words
The students will be able to match an orally spoken word to the printed form of the word.

Sample Problems


Where is the word________?


Can you find the word ____________?


Do you see the words _________ and ___________ on this page?


I see the words ______ and _________. Can you find them?


The word _________ is hiding. Where do you see it?

Learning Tips


There are exciting opportunities to share the concepts of print on a daily basis. When reading stories to your child, ask them to identify common (words they know) in the text.


Shaving cream fun: Smear a medium amount of shaving cream onto a table. Using your finger, write 3 words in the shaving cream and ask your child to identify the different words. You can also say one of the three words and have the child circle the correct word with their finger.


When driving in the car play the “find a word” game. Ask your child to identify any words they see in their environment (billboards, store signs, flyers, etc.)


Give your child a section of the daily newspaper and a highlighter. Have them highlight all of the words they know and tell you what the words say. You can also have them find words that you say aloud to them.


Word Bingo: Make bingo boards with sight words, or simple words your child is able to read. Play a family bingo game to reinforce the concept of oral and written words.

Extra Help Problems


Find the word “give” and circle it. (ex: I will give her a present.)


Fill in the blank: ____ like to eat ice cream.


Locate the word “what” in the sentence and underline it. (She did not know what to do.)


What color word starts with “r and ends with “d?”


Fill in the blank: The _____ was barking loudly.


Find the word “from” in this sentence and underline it. (She took a book from the bookshelf.)


Look for the word “there” on the page. Each time you find it, circle it. (I live over there. There were five kids at the party. Will there be food?)


Fill in the blank: _______ dress is very pretty.


The word “play” is hiding on the page. Find as many as you can.(I like to play ball. Will you play with me? What is your favorite game to play?)


Do you see the word “some” in the sentence? Underline it when you find it. (I have some new toys at my house.)


Find the missing word: He is ______ years old.


Solve the riddle. I have 2 wheels and 2 pedals. When anyone rides on me they must wear a helmet. I am a _________. (bike)


Fill in the word that describes the cow. – The cow is _________.


Look for the word “bed” on the page. When you find it, draw a line under it. (The bed is red. Is that you bed? The bed is big.)


Complete the sentence: I can do it all by ____________. (myself)


Solve the riddle. When you have a tummy ache and you can’t go to school, you are __________ (sick).


Look for the word “meet” on this page, when you find it, circle it. (Will you meet me at the park? I will meet my friends after school. I like to eat meat.)


Complete the sentence. We made my day a chocolate __________ for his birthday. (cake)


Finish this sentence: In first grade I will learn to look at the clock and tell ___________. (time)


Fill in the missing word. It is important to always __________ your mess. (clean)


Look for the word “while” on this page. When you find it, draw a box around it. (While she was shopping her dog ran away. We waited a long while. What do you do while she was sleeping?)


Fill in the blank. The apple _______ has grown very tall. (tree)


Look for the word “today” in the sentence. When you find it, underline it. (Today is a beautiful day. What do you want to do today? Today is Thursday.)


Solve the riddle. What animal is green, hops to move around, and rhymes with “log?” (frog)


If you are kind to someone and you share your toys with them, you are being a good __________. (friend)


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