1st Grade - Identify Title And Author

Identify title and author
Identifying the title and author of a reading selection
The students will be able to locate and identify the title and author of different reading selections.

Sample Problems


Where is the name of the author for this story?


Show me the title of this book.


Where is the title on this book?


Who is the author of this story?


The name of the story is called the _____________?

Learning Tips


Each time you read a story to your child, have them point to and identify the title and the author on the front cover of the book.


Before beginning a story, read the title to your child and then ask them why stories have titles and what they think the story will be about based upon the title.


Ask your child what an author’s job is.


Have your child write a short story about their favorite activity. At the top of their paper have them give their story a title and then have them place their name below to show that they are the author of their story.


Have your child draw pictures of their favorite books. Write out the titles and authors name’s on separate pieces of paper and have your child glue on where the appropriate titles go along with where each authors name would be located.

Extra Help Problems


The person who wrote the book is the _____________?


What does the title of a story tell us?


What is an author’s job?


Where does the title of a book belong?


A title is important for a story because_______________. (it lets the reader know what the story will be about)


A person who writes a story is called an ___________?


The name of a story that lets us know what the story will be about is called the ________________?


What does an illustrator do?


Why are the pictures in a story important?


What can pictures help us do if we are not sure of the word in a story


Where can we get help to understand what is happening in a story if we are not sure of the words?


The person who drew the pictures for the story is called the ______________?


An illustrator ____________________ for stories.


____________ is the title of the story. What do you think this book will be about?


On the front cover there is a picture of ___________. By looking at that do you have any idea what the story might be about?


If we take a “picture walk” through our book and only look at the pictures that the illustrator drew, can you may a good guess as to what our story might be about?


Is this a good title for this story? Why or why not?


After listening to this story, can you think of a good title?


If you were the author, what would you call this story?


After listening or reading this story, can you make your own illustration that would go along with the book?


The words of the title are in mixed up. Can you put them in the right order? (ex: Caterpillar Hungry The Very- The Very Hungry Caterpillar)


Put the words of this book title in the right order. (ex: Bear What Brown See Brown You Do Bear?) –Brown Bear Brown Bear What Do You See?)


This title is mixed up. Please put it in the correct order. (ex: Give A If Mouse You Cookie A)


George Rides Bike a Curious is a title of a book about a very special monkey. Can you put the underlined words in the correct order? (Curious George Rides a Bike)


Put the title of this book in the correct order. (ex: Fish Blue Fish One Two Red Fish Fish ) (One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish)


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