1st Grade - Categories Of Words

Categories of words
Classify grade appropriate categories of words (concrete collection of animals, food, and toys).
Your child will be able to sort and categorize concrete objects and words. They will be able to place an object or the name of an object in a group, based upon a common characteristic. For example, they will be able to group together toys, different kinds of foods, or animals.

Sample Problems


Look at the list of words below. Sort them into the flowing groups; toys, food, animals.

ice cream







What do the following words have in common?

bear, goat, pig, giraffe (all animals)


What do these items have in common?

pizza, salad, carrots, steak (food)


What is your favorite toy? Name three other kinds of toys.


What is your favorite animal? List 4 other animals.

Learning Tips


Sort and Clean: This is a great activity that children will find enjoyable and parents will find helpful. Have your child sort all of their toys in their room. They can place them in groups based upon a common attribute such as dolls, or doll related items or cars and car related items. After your child has sorted, discuss why they placed certain toys in each group. After everything has been sort, have they take these sorted group and place them in labeled bins. These bins will assist in keeping their toys clean and organized.


Manipulative Sort: Gather a variety of small toy manipulatives such as; fish, farm animals, jungle animals, army men, and food items. Take a large bag and place a variety of different manipulatives inside. Have your child shake up the bag. Next they can pull items out one by one and sort the manipulatives into different groups. After they have sorted all of the items discuss why they placed their items into the groups that they did.


Collage Card Sort: For this activity have your child pick a topic such as food, animals, places, shapes, colors, toys, activities, etc. Once they have picked a topic, write the topic on the top of a piece of paper. Next, give them a variety of magazines to find pictures that relate to that particular topic. Have them cut out associated pictures and glue them onto the page but, request that none of the pictures touch each other. Repeat this activity several times, until you have numerous pictures of a variety of topics. Next, have your child cut out all of the pictures on each page. Mix up all of the pictures and use them as a sorting game.


I Spy: This is a great activity that can be played in the car. Before beginning your travels, you are your child will need to decide on three groups of items to search for (food, animals, toys). As you’re driving your child will look around for any objects relating to the topics chosen. If they see one they will say “I spy ____. It belongs in the _____ group because ______.”


For this activity, you will need pictures related to specific topics such as; toys, places, activities, food, shapes, colors, etc and two bells. This is fun game to play as a family. One family member will act as the “host” of the game. Two other family members will be the contestants. Each contestant will have a bell or buzzer in front of them. The host will show the contestants a picture, the person who rings the bell first will answer and state what group the picture belongs in (toys, places, activities, food, shapes, colors, etc). If they are correct they get a point. If not the other person will be allowed to answer and if correct receive the point. The person with the most points at the end of the game wins.

Extra Help Problems


List 3 things that are animals.


Name 3 things that are toys.


Draw pictures of 3 different foods.


Name 4 thing that are blue.


Find 3 objects in the room that are square shaped. Write down what they are.


Think of three things you need to have at school. Draw a picture and label each item.


Name 3 jungle animals. Draw a picture of each.


Write the name of 3 animals that live on a farm. Draw a picture to match your choices.


Draw 3 foods that have cheese on them.


Look at the shapes below. Color all of the circles blue.


Look at the shapes below. Color all of the squares red.


Look at the shapes below. Color all of the triangles yellow.


Look at the shapes below. Color all of the rectangles green.


Draw 2 of your favorite toys. Make a list of what is similar about the two toys and what is different.


List 3 objects that are shaped like a triangle.


List 3 objects that are shaped like a circle.


Write the name of 3 animals that have fur. Draw a matching picture.


Write the name of 2 animals that have scales. Draw a matching picture.


Write the name of 2 animals that have skin. Draw a matching picture.


Write the name of 3 animals that have feathers. Draw a matching picture.


Make a list of clothing you would wear on a cold day. Make another list of clothes that you would wear on a hot day.


Write the names of 3 different flavors of ice cream. Draw matching pictures and write sentences describing the differences between each type of ice cream.


Circle all of the octagons on the page.


Make an x on each heart on the page.


Trace all of the hexagons with a red crayon.


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