1st Grade - Letters, Words And Sentences

Letters, words and sentences
Identify letters, words, and sentences.
The students will be able to identify the differences between letters, word, and sentences.

Sample Problems


Where is a letter?


Find a word. (a, The dog is big. , sad)


Show me where a sentence is located on this page. (ex: big, sad, flat, I see the large sand castle.)


Is this a word or a letter? (w)


A sentence is a group of ____________? (words)

Learning Tips


Collages: Gather a variety of magazines and three different pieces of construction paper. Label each of the pieces of construction paper with one of the following titles: letters, words, sentences. On the page that is titled “letters,” have the children cut individual letters out of the magazine and glue them on the page. On the page titled “words,” have the children cut out words from the magazine. On the page titled “sentences,” have the children find sentences in the magazine, cut out the entire sentence and glue it on to the appropriate collage page. They can make a book when each collage page is completed.


When reading to your child (or having them read aloud to you) ask them to find and point to a specific letter in the alphabet. Continue this activity by asking them to find specific words and then locate an entire sentence.


Memory: Play a memory game by creating 2 sets of game cards. Both sets should contain the same information. On some of the cards write a letter. On other cards write words and on the other cards write simple sentences. Mix up the two sets of cards and place all of the cards face down on the table. Each time your child lifts up a card ask them to identify if it is letter, word, or a sentence and what that letter, word, or sentence says. When a child finds two matching cards they get to keep them. Repeat this process with all of the players until all of the matches have been made.


Make multiple cards for all letters of the alphabet. Start by asking your child to identify a letter. Next, ask them to take letters and build a word. Finally ask them to use the letters to construct words and then use the words to construct a complete a sentence.


For this activity you can use either a whiteboard or a chalkboard. Make 10 cards for each of the following words; letter, word, sentence. Mix up the cards. Have your child pick a card, then complete the task of writing a letter, writing a word, or writing a complete sentence.

Extra Help Problems


What is the difference between a letter and a word?


How are words and sentences different from each other?


What do you need to make a word?


A word is made up of a group of _________? (letters)


When you combined certain letters together you can form____________? (words)


Letters work together to make ___________. (words)


Words work together to make___________. (sentences)


Sentences are groups of ___________ that tell us something. (words)


Find a word on this page. (Ex: F , b, z, t, big, a, the, l, h, k)


Fill in the missing letters: __, b, c, __, ___, f, __, __, __, j, __, l, __, ___, ___, ___, q, ___, s, ___, ___, ___, w, ___, ___, z


Fill in the missing letter to create a word that describes something you wear on your head: h__t


Write a sentence that describes your favorite animal.


What letter does your first name start with?


Solve the riddle. What is located in the sky, is hot, and provides the world with light? (the sun) Now write a sentence describing the sun.


Fill in the missing word. __________ as a pancake. (flat)


How many letters are in the word “flap?” (4)


How many words are in the following sentence? The dress was as pretty as a picture. (8)


Name all of the vowels in the alphabet. __, __, __, __, __ (a,e,i,o,u)


Write one word that describes you.


Write a complete sentence that describes your favorite food.


Fill in the missing letters to complete the word in the sentence. The bu_ _ are flying near the pond. (bugs)


Write a sentence that tells how a frog moves.


Fill in the missing letters l, __, __, o, __, q (l, m, n, o, p, q)


Write a sentence that tells about your favorite thing to do outside. After you have written the sentence, cut it apart into individual words. Mix it up and then put it back together in the right order.


Write all of the capital and lower case letters in order.


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