1st Grade - Using Punctuation And Capitalization

Using punctuation and capitalization
Use knowledge of basic rules of punctuation and capitalization when writing.
The students will understand and use punctuation and appropriate capitalization when writing.

Sample Problems


Name the 3 different types of ending punctuation in a sentence. (period, question mark, exclamation point)


Name 2 different times when you would use a capital letter in a sentence. (at beginning of the sentence or if a person's name was in the sentence)


Use the appropriate punctuation in the sentence below.

Where do you go to school


Check for appropriate capitalization in the sentence below.

i went to the store with tim.


Read the sentence below. Check for appropriate capitalization and punctuation.

why did tony want to see the movie

Learning Tips


Post-It Punctuation: For this activity you can use a large white board, or paper to write sample sentences for your child. The sentence should not have ending punctuation. On pieces of Post-It paper, write each of the ending punctuation marks on one piece each (period, question mark, exclamation point). Have your child read each sentence that is missing the ending punctuation. Ask them to choose the appropriate punctuation mark and stick it at the end of each sentence.


Highlight Tape: At your local educational supply store you can purchase "highlighting tape." This tape is brightly colored, see through, and reusable. You can write sentences on a large piece of paper, sentence strips, or a large white board. When you create the sentences, write some that are missing ending punctuation. Others that need capitalization only and finally create sentences that need both capitalization and punctuation. You can have you child read each sentence and determine what each sentence is missing. I would recommend using two different colors of tape to show punctuation and capitalization. After they have highlighted the mistakes in the sentence using the tape, discuss what needs to be changed and why.


Punctuation Concentration: This activity will be played just like regular concentration, with a little twist. You will need to create the punctuation cards. Use blank index cards and cut them into 4 squares each. Make several pairs of each punctuation mark (periods, exclamation points, question marks). Next, mix up the cards and place them face side down on the table. As your child plays the game and finds matches of punctuation, in order for them to be able to keep the pairs they find, they will need to create a sentence that matches the punctuation pair they find. The person who has the most pairs and created the most correct sentences, wins!


Capitalization Chart/Poster: For this activity, you will need a large piece of paper or poster board. Label the top of the chart "Capitalization." Encourage your child to find words that would be capitalized in the middle of a sentence (names of people, places, etc.) Have them write the words they find on the chart and discuss the words at the end of each week.


Capital Search: Give your child a printed article from a magazine or newspaper. Ask them to highlight the capital letters at the beginning of each sentence, along with any words that are capitalized inside of each sentence.

Extra Help Problems


Read the following sentence and add the correct ending punctuation.

The tree blew over in the wild wind


Read the following sentence and correct any capitalization mistakes.

sara, frank, and billy are in the same class.


Is this sentence correct? Make any changes that are needed.

the girl fell into the large Mud hole.


Look for any mistakes in this sentence. Change the sentence to make it correct.

where did they go


is she happy with her new pet


is that a picture of your cousin annie


i can't wait


that movie was very scary


what is your favorite holiday


i am going to be a witch for halloween


what costume will you wear


did you get a christmas tree


i celebrate hanukkah


she needs your help




are you angry with me


i want you to meet my best friend stephanie


she knows juile


tom and bob are brothers


why do you want to call you uncle


where are you going camping


i like to go skiing at mammoth mountain


does he know how to ride a skateboard


the dog almost choked on the bone


i am sad


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