1st Grade - Punctuation - Period, Exclamation Point And Question Mark

Punctuation - period, exclamation point and question mark
Use a period, exclamation point, or question mark at the end of sentences.
The students will be able to recognize and appropriately use a period, exclamation point, or a question mark at the end of a sentence. Sometimes ending punctuation can be referred to as "stop signs."

Sample Problems


What do the period, exclamation point and question marks do for sentences? ( they let the reader know when to stop and what type of intonation a reader should have)


Fill in the correct punctuation at the end of the following sentence.

I am very excited (!)


What is the difference between a sentence and a question? (A sentence tells you something. A question asks you something.)


What "stop sign" belongs at the end of the sentence below?

Can you go to the bank for me (?)


What "stop sign" belongs at the end of the sentence below?

I will read that book (.)

Learning Tips


For this activity you will need sentence strips and markers. Use the markers to write simple sentences, questions, and exclamations on separate sentence strips. You will also need to make a period, a question mark, and an exclamation point. Give your child one sentence at a time. Also provide them with the three punctuation cards. Ask your child to read each sentence and manipulate the appropriate punctuation card at the end of each sentence. You can also change the game up by asking your child how they would change a certain sentence into a question. For example, if they had the sentence "I will go to the store." Ask your child how the sentence could be changed into a question. Remind them that questions ask people things. "Will I go to the store?"


A fun way to help children remember the importance of ending punctuation is to refer to punctuation as "stop signs." Stop signs tell drivers to stop, just as ending punctuation tells the reader to stop. You can make stop signs using popsicle sticks and paper plates, markers, and construction paper. You can make one stop sign per punctuation mark. You can use sentence strips to write a variety of statements, questions, and exclamations, all without any ending punctuation. As your child reads each statement, question, or exclamation they will need to hold up the corresponding stop sign with the appropriate punctuation on it. Remind them that a sentence tells something, a question asks something, and an exclamation is needed when someone has a lot of emotion about something.


Punctuation Police: Ask your child to be the punctuation police. Have them read small passages and see if they can find any punctuation errors. For ideas of text to use, look at your child's reading book or favorite storybooks from home. You can change and manipulate some of these sentences and rewrite them without any ending punctuation. Next ask your child to be the punctuation police and find and fix all of the mistakes.


With this activity ask your child to be the teacher and create sentences, questions, and exclamations for you to correct. When playing this game make sure that you intentionally leave some of the punctuation off of the sentences or that you put incorrect punctuation at the end of one of the problems. When you have finished have you child correct your work. You can provide them with a "teacher" correcting pen and stickers. If they miss some of your intentional errors, ask to see your paper again and tell them you think you made a mistake. At this time review the mistake that was uncorrected and review why changes need to occur.


White board fun: Have you child listen and write simple statements, questions, or exclamations on their whiteboards. Ask them to put the appropriate punctuation at the end of each. Another version of this activity is to have the children copy a sentence from you and then correct the punctuation.

Extra Help Problems


Write a sentence that needs a period at the end.


Write a sentence that needs a question mark at the end.


Write a sentence that needs an exclamation point at the end.


Add the appropriate punctuation to the end of each sentence below.

Will they go the party (?)


I like chocolate ice cream (.)


The girl was terrified (!)


Can you help me bake a cake (?)


Do you like books (?)


What is your favorite story (?)


I will be 7 year old in July (.)


The tree had green leaves (.)


Can you think of a better idea (?)


Do you like books (?)


We won (!)


Help me (!)


Where did they go (?)


The new sofa is blue (.)


I will help you (.)


How many do you want (?)


Why did they do that (?)


This is crazy (!)


I do not like his idea (.)


We went to the mall yesterday (.)


Can you walk up that hill (?)


I am so angry (!)


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