1st Grade - Capitalization

Capitalize the first word in a sentence, names of people, and the pronoun I.
The students will recognize the need for use a capital letter at the beginning of a sentence, capital the names of people, and also capitalize the pronoun I.

Sample Problems


What is always capitalized in every sentence?


What is the one letter, that when it is by itself, is capitalized?


Do we capitalize everyone's name?


Why do we capitalize everyone's name?


Why always capitalize "I" when it stands by itself?

Learning Tips


Captain Capital Felt Puppet: This is a fun activity that your child will enjoy making initially and continue to enjoy it with use. You will need to supply your child with felt, glue, and markers. You can encourage them to create a "super hero" named Captain Capital. Explain that his job is to go around to all of the sentences in the world and check to make sure that they all start with a capital letter. After they have made their puppet, they can use it when reviewing any of their own writing, along with encouraging them to use it to review any other family member's writing as well.


I: When practicing the concept that "I" is always capitalized when it stands by itself, have your child repeat this saying: "I is big and strong and tall." While they say this phrase “I is big and strong and tall," have they raise their arms and flex their muscles. This is a fun was for the children to have an auditory and physical association when they see the word "I."


White board fun: You can write a simple sentence on a small white board. Make sure you do not capitalize the first letter at the beginning of the sentence. Ask your child to find what is wrong with each sentence and change it.


Student Teacher: For this activity, your child will need to become the teacher and analyze if you (the student) are doing your work correctly. For this game you can provide the sentences you can ask your child to create them. With each sentence they give you the first letter of the sentence, proper names, or the word "I," should not be capitalized. It will be your job to make the appropriate corrections. After the corrections have been made, discuss each correction and why it was made. Intentionally making a mistake for this activity is a good way of evaluating if your child fully understands this skill.


"I" spy game: The I spy game is a great way to reinforce the concept that when I stands by itself, it must be capitalized. For this activity, your child will need to look for sentences with the word "I" in them. They can either cut out the sentences, or highlight them. If they cut the sentences out, have them glue all of the "I" sentences onto a page and make a collage. You can also add to this activity by having the children search for sentences that have proper names in them. They can again highlight, or cut them out to create a collage page.

Extra Help Problems


Correct the following sentence.

i went to tom's house today.


What is wrong with this sentence?

can we go to ridge lane park?


Look at this sentence carefully and make any changes that are needed.

they want to be first.


Check to see if you need to capitalize any letters in this sentence.

is sarah lost?


i am so mad! Does this sentence need to be corrected?


Correct the following sentences. Change any letters that need to be capitalized.

sarah, paul, frank, and loni got sick.


i do not want to go to magic mountain!


where is disneyland?


what is your favorite holiday?


i have to buy more eggs.


i like to eat ice cream.


larry and i walked on the beach.


do you live in california?


they have fun rides at knotts berry farm.


do you ever eat at mcdonalds?


bert and ernie are my favorite characters on seseme street.


casey and i washed the car.


joey and nicky are best friends.


grandma, grandpa, and i went to dinner.


she likes toby's new shoes.


the pink rose smelled sweet.


i like the shiny truck.


the food smelled like it was burning.


are you happy that i went to the store?


i did a great job on my book report.


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