1st Grade - Authors And Illustrators

Authors and illustrators
Describe the roles of authors and illustrators and their contributions to printed materials.
The student will be able to share what an author does (write stories, books) and what an illustrator does (draws the pictures that corresponds with the text).

Sample Problems


What does an author do?


What does an illustrator do?


Can an author also be the illustrator of a story?


Why is the job of an author important?


Why is the job of an illustrator important?

Learning Tips


Check your local bookstores and libraries to see when a children’s author or illustrator will be visiting. Take them to this special event and discuss potential questions they can ask the author or illustrator about their job.


Help your child write a letter to their favorite author or illustrator. In their letter have them include questions about the person’s profession. How did they get interested in their field? What did they have to do to become an author or illustrator? What is their favorite part of their job? Addresses to get in contact with authors and illustrator can often be found their storybooks, or you can often find such information on the internet using a search engine such as www.google.com .


Dramatic Play: Have your child put on a mini performance as an author or illustrator. You can “interview” them and ask them such things as what they do, why they do their job, how they decided to do this job, and what their favorite part of their job is.


Who am I? For this activity you can write questions on blank index cards. These questions will pertain only to authors and illustrators. Some sample questions may include; Describe your job. What do you do? You write short stories, who are you? What is you favorite part of being an illustrator? What is your favorite part of being an author?


Have your child become an author and illustrator of their own book. When your child is done, you can actually have their book professionally bound, so that it can be saved and shared with others. The link below is just one of many that can assist with your binding needs.


Extra Help Problems


What does an author do?


What does an illustrator do?


What is the title of the person who writes a story?


What is the title of the person who draws the pictures for a book or story?


What do you think the most important part of an illustrator‘s job would be? Why?


What do you think would be the most important part of author’s job? Why?


Where can you find the name of the author of a story?


Where can you find the name of the illustrator of a story?


What types of text do authors write?


What types of pictures do illustrators draw?


Name two different types of text an author may write. (narrative and expository)


What is a “narrative” piece of text?


What is “expository” text?


Look in a newspaper. Find the names of three different authors of three different articles. Write each of their names below.


Look at the sample book cover below. Draw a circle around the author’s name.


Look at the sample cover below. Draw a box around the illustrator’s name.


Read the three sample passages below. Each passage is from the same author, they are just different types of text. One is from a story; the other is from a magazine article, and the last one if from a poem. Circle the text that you like best and write 3 sentences below as to why it is your favorite.


Look at the three sample illustrations below. All three are from the same illustrator. Circle your favorite one and write about it under the chosen picture.


Think of your favorite story. Find out who the author your story is and write their name in the box below.


What would you write about if you became an author?


Would you need to go to a special school to become an author?


If you were to become an illustrator, what types of pictures would you like to draw?


Where could you learn how to become an illustrator?


What would you need to learn how to do to become an illustrator?


If you are an author, what work do you do for your job every day?


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