1st Grade - Speaking With Descriptive Words

Listening and Speaking
Speaking with descriptive words
Use descriptive words when speaking about people, places, things, and events.
The student will be able to use adjectives (descriptive words) when discussing people, places, things, and events.

Sample Problems


Describe how your favorite ice cream tastes.


Discuss what you look like.


Tell a friend about your favorite place to go. Use adjectives to describe it.


What is your favorite holiday? Describe it using adjectives.


Tell me about your mom. Write three sentences about her. Make sure you use adjectives.

Learning Tips


Word Wall Fun: This activity is fun and motivating. Your child will be encouraged and challenged to think of new adjectives every day. Pick an item to describe for the week. Maybe you will describe fruit or emotions. Whatever the case may be, I recommend making a large construction paper object for the list of adjectives. For example, if your child will be working on adjectives for fruit, I would make a large constructions paper apple to write the words on. If your child will be describing emotions, I would make a large happy or sad face to use as the page for keeping track of words. The children love to make lists on large decorated objects. Each time your child thinks of or comes across an adjective that can be associated with the pre-chosen topic, have them write this word on the list. At the end of the week review the list and discuss the actives to make sure they are appropriate for the chosen topic.


Adjective Challenge: For this activity you will need blank index cards, a marker, and a small bag. On the index cards write words of objects, people, places, or events. Write only one word per card. Fold each card in half and place the cards inside the bag. Shake up the bag and have your child pick a card. They will need to silently read the card to themselves. Next, they will need to use only adjectives to describe what their card said. The only clue they can give besides adjectives is to distinguish whether they have a person, place, or thing on their card. You can turn this activity into a family game by having 4 people participate, two teams of two people. The first team to guess more words correctly wins!


Picture Challenge: This activity becomes a challenge of speed and creativity. You will need a variety of bright and engaging picture, paper, a timer, and pens or pencils. For this activity, place all of the pictures upside down in a pile. Have your child pick a picture and flip it right side up in the middle of the table. Set two minutes on the timer and have each player ready with a pen or pencil and a piece of paper in front of them. When a third party says go and pushes the timer...let the fun begin. Each player must look at the picture and think of as describing words (adjectives) as possible and write them on their paper. The person with the most relative adjectives at the end of the two minutes wins.


Around the World With Describing Words: For this activity, the entire family or friends may get involved. You will need picture flashcards and players for the game. This activity will be played like a regular game of Around the World (one person stands behind a sitting person- these two are the only players that are able to answer- who ever get the correct answer moves to next seat- when one player has successfully gone around the group in one consecutive turn, they win). The only difference with this version of the game would be that when the players are shown a picture flashcard, they will need to come up with an appropriate describing word for that particular picture. Whoever answers first, with an appropriate adjective will win that round and move on to challenge the next player. The person who is able to challenge all of the players and win all rounds in one consecutive turn, wins!


Picture In My Mind: You will need index cards, a marker, a bag, and paper for this activity. On each index card, you will need to write the name of a place or a setting. Fold each card in half and place it in the bag. This game will require two players. One player will need to pick a card. The other person will draw on the paper. The player who picks the card will use sentences full of adjectives to create a "picture" in the other player's mind. They will then take the picture from their mind and draw it on the paper based upon the descriptive sentences the other player has provided. When they are completed with their drawing they will what the card says and their pictures.

Extra Help Problems


Describe your dad. What does he look like? Remember to use plenty of describing words.


What is another name for describing words? (adjectives)


Why are adjectives important? (they help us to vividly describe things)


Think of something that is red. Write three describing sentences about this particular object.


Imagine you are in a mountain setting. Draw a picture of it then describe the setting to a friend.


Pretend it is a hot sunny summer day. Describe how you feel using adjectives.


Imagine it is snowing outside. Use a variety of adjectives and describe what you see.


You come home from school and your mom is baking cooking. Using your senses imagine what you would see, hear, smell, feel, taste, and touch. Write about this experience using as many describing words as possible.


You visit your grandma for the weekend. She makes you your favorite dinner. Describe what you taste.


You and a friend go for a bike ride after school. Describe what you see.


Imagine you go to the beach this weekend. Describe the setting.


Pretend you are wearing your most comfortable outfit right now. Draw a picture of it and write 3 sentences, using adjectives, to describe it.


You are playing soccer with your class. You score the winning goal. Describe how you feel.


You enter a spooky house. Describe what you see, hear, and how you feel. Be specific and descriptive.


Pretend you go scuba diving in the ocean. Imagine all of the things you would see. Write four sentences using describing words to tell me about it.


Imagine your class goes on a field trip to a farm. What do you see, hear, smell, feel, and taste? Write 4-5 sentences about this experience and make sure you include a lot of describing words to make me feel like I am on the farm with you.


You are going to the circus today. Draw a picture of what you will see, and then make a list of at least 5 adjectives that describe the circus.


Make a list of a many describing words that you can use to describe people's hair.


Challenge yourself to write down as many adjective as you can that could describe something that is cold. When you have finished your list draw a picture of something that is cold.


Picture a dog in your mind. Draw a picture of this dog. Next make a list of all of the possible adjective you could use to describe this dog.


Imagine an giant birthday cake decorated especially for you. Draw it and make a list of adjectives you could use to describe this cake.


Imagine your favorite toy. Create a list of describing words you could use to tell about this toy. Draw a picture to match.


Close your eyes and picture your family. Inside the heart on the bottom of your paper, write all of the adjectives you could use to describe your family.


How would you describe your best friend? What adjective would share what kind of person they are?


Do you have a pet? Make a list of adjectives that describe your pet. If you do not have a pet, what kind of pet would you like to have? Describe this animal.


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