1st Grade - Following Directions

Listening and Speaking
Following directions
Give, restate, and follow simple two-step directions.
The student will be able to give, restate, and follow simple two-step directions.

Sample Problems


Draw a circle on your paper. Color it red.


Write the letters of the alphabet. Circle the letters in your name.


Stand up and push in your chair.


Draw a tree and color the leaves orange and red.


Write the numbers from 1-100. Color the even numbers yellow.

Learning Tips


Chore Duty: Giving your child simple chores (verbally-with two different steps) is a great activity to reinforce this skill. Make sure that when you request your child to do a task, you include two steps and also have them verbally repeat the directions back to you. This will reinforce your request and also check to make sure they understood all aspects of the directions.


Simon Says Times Two: This activity will be played just ask regular Simon says, except that when "Simon" gives directions, they will need to give 2 directions instead of just one. Your child will need to receive the directions, as well as give the directions.


Mirror Images: For this activity, you will need paper, pencils, and markers or crayons. You will need to pick a simple object, such as a tree. You will then give your child verbal, (2 steps at a time) directions as to what to draw. You will instruct then to draw your picture, without using it any words that would indicate what the actual picture is. For example you would refrain from using words such as; truck, leaves, or branches. Instead you would use descriptive words and shape words to help your child to create the picture. When you have finished giving the verbal directions and your child has completed their drawing, share and compare!


Treasure Hunt: This activity tends to be a favorite for the children! For this activity your child will need to begin when you hand them their first clue. On the clue page there will be simple two-step directions your child will need to follow. The first clue will begin their adventure and lead them to their next clue (set of two-step directions) and so on, until they read the final destination...their treasure (maybe a yummy snack or small treat)!


Problem Solving Puzzle: For this activity, your child will need to practice their problem solving skills, as well as giving two-step simple directions. This activity will be played as follows. You will give your child a sample problem, such as you are driving down the road and you get a flat tire. What should you do? Have your child give a set of two step instructions to help solve the problem. Be sure to discuss each problem and potential solution and make sure you focus on the two-step process.

Extra Help Problems


Draw a large triangle in the middle of your paper. Make an orange circle inside of it.


Fold your paper in half, the long way. Next fold your paper in half again, so that you now have four squares.


Write the numbers 1-100 and color the odd number squares blue.


Write your first and last name and circle all of the vowels.


Write all of the capital letters of the alphabet. Trace over all of the vowels with a red crayon.


Your dog is sitting next to its bowl, wagging its tail. Write two directions of what you could do next.


You are hungry for breakfast. Write two directions of what you will do to solve your problem.


You can't find your homework. Write two sentences to explain what you will do.


You see a girl crying on the playground. Write two-steps about what you could do to help her.


You come home from school and see a red box on your porch. Write two steps to describe what you do next.


Write a sentence to describe your favorite animal. Circle the name of the animal.


Draw a picture of your family. Label each person's name under their picture.


Draw a picture of your favorite setting. Write a sentence to describe it.


Read a story to a grown up and talk about the problem in the story.


Find an object in the classroom and write 3 sentences describing it.


Draw 4 small circles on your paper. Draw a square around each circle.


Draw a picture of yourself at your favorite holiday. Write two sentences describing what you do for this holiday.


Make a list of verbs (action words). Pick two words from your list and writing sentences containing these words.


Make a list of nouns. Pick 2 nouns and draw pictures to match the words.


Draw a picture of your favorite food. Write out two steps that you need to complete to make your favorite food.


You see a little boy crying and calling for his mom when you are at the mall. Write two-steps you could do to help this boy find his mom.


You see smoke coming from a neighbor’s house. List two things you could do to safely help solve this problem.


Your mom wants you to help make cookies. List two things you will do to help her with this project.


Your dad needs your help in the yard. List two chores you can help your dad with.


Your brother or sister seems sad. What two things could you do to help them?



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