1st Grade - Letter Sounds

Letter and Word Sounds
Letter sounds
Generate the sounds from all letters and letter patterns, including consonant blends and long and short vowels patterns, and blend those sounds into recognizable words.
The students will be able to identify all sounds and sound patterns, such a long and short vowels, consonant blends, and phonograms and blend these sound into words. A phonogram is a letter or combinations of letters that represent a certain sound.

Sample Problems


When you blend these sounds together, what word does it make?

/h/ /a/ /n/ /d/


What word do you get when you blend these sounds? /bl/ /a/ /st/ (blast)


Let’s read this word. We will need to blend the sounds to figure out what the word is. (whale) /wh/ /a/ /l/


We need to use our sounds to read this word: nest /n/ /e/ /s/ /t/


What happens when vowels sit next to each other in a word? (the first vowel says its own name)

Learning Tips


Around the World: This game can be played with a small group. Make word cards (you can go to the following site for link to word lists- http://www.yourdictionary.com/dictionary-articles/first-grade-word-lists.html). Have one child stand behind a child who is sitting in their seat. The adult will show the two children a word card and the students will need to use their blending sounds to read the word. Only these two children may answer. Whoever reads the word first gets to stand up behind the next child. The first child who goes all the way around the group is the winner.


When reading to your child point out words with blends (pl, st, tr, bl, pr) to your child. Discuss how those sounds are “chunked” together when sounding out words.


Have children make their own flash cards of long and short vowel words. They can either draw a picture or find a picture and place it on one side of the card. On the back of the card they will need to write the word that corresponds with the picture. You can obtain wordlists from the following website. http://www.yourdictionary.com/dictionary-articles/first-grade-word-lists.html


Magna Doodles or white boards are great for this next activity. Obtain a list of first grade word (consonant /vowel/consonant words, words with blends, short vowel words, and long vowel words) See websites below for wordlists



Give students one word at a time and spell the word to them. Have the students write the word on their board. Next they can use their markers to “chunk” and blend the sounds together.


Rainbow circles: Provide your child with a box of crayons and a newspaper or magazine. You can have them circle all of the words that have blends or long vowels.

Extra Help Problems


Use your sounds to read this word- test- /t/ /e/ s/ /t/


Circ le the blends in the following row of words.

toast blast fans soap graft tags


Find the long vowels (vowels that say their own names) in this group of words. Circle only the long vowels.

trees plane red read land least meal meat meet


Name each picture and then circle the word that matches each picture.

clean / cot slid/ slide piano / peach stamp / steam


What word will these sounds make when we blend them together?

/sk/ /a/ /t/ (skate)


Underline all of the words that have a blend.

where nose grape made screen leaves


What food is yellow, can have holes, and mice like to eat it?

(cheese) Underline the long vowels in your answer.


What is a long vowel? ( a vowel that says its own name)


What are special about vowels? (They have 2 sounds- a short sound and then a long sound (saying its own name)


Can any other letters, besides vowels, say their own names?


What is a “blend?”


Solve the riddle and underline any blends that are in your answer. What is made of bread, put in the toaster, and can have better spread all over it? (toast)


Underline the words that have short vowels.

camp fence plastic boat under lives


Trace the words below and when you are finished quietly “whisper read” the words to yourself.

slid slide past paste pin pine


Write three words that have the “cr” blend.


Write three words that have the “tr” blend.


Write three words that have the “st” blend.


Write three words that have the “pl” blend.


Write a word that has the long “e” sound in it.


Write a word that has magic “e” on the end.


Write a word that has a vowel team in the middle.


Write three words that have the short /u/ sound in them.


Find the words that have the “st” blend in them. Circle only those words.

stamp fast stomp sat sit stop


Underline the words that have a long “o” sound.

long boat book soap toast


Review the two sounds that each vowel can make.



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