1st Grade - First Grade Word Sounds

Letter and Word Sounds
First grade word sounds
Blend two to four phonemes into recognizable words
The students will be able to blend 2-4 phonemes into recognizable words.

Sample Problems


What does it mean to “blend” a word?


Why is blending words important?


Look at the letters “a” and “n.” Say the sounds these letters make? What word does this form?


What is it called when we put sounds together?


Make the sounds of each of the following letters /f/ /a/ /n/. Now blend the sounds to read the word. (fan)

Learning Tips


Squish It: For this activity, I pull out my play dough. I first ask the children to listen to a word that I say, and then I show them the same word written on a word card. Next we make a ball of play dough for each letter in the word. For example, if the word was “an” we would make 2 balls. Next, I direct the children to place the rest of the play dough in the “resting spot” at the top of their table. We will next touch each ball as we make the sounds in the word. When we are ready to blend the word, we squish the play dough together. The kids love it! Use the following website for a link to wordlists)- http://www.yourdictionary.com/dictionary-articles/first-grade-word-lists.html)


Chunk It: For this game students will use 2 different color highlighters. They will have a list of words they will be practicing reading (http://www.yourdictionary.com/dictionary-articles/first-grade-word-lists.html). As you go to read each word with the students, have them take one highlighter and touch each letter as they say the corresponding sound. When they start to blend the word the second time they are using their sounds, they will need to use the other color and “chunk” the first two sounds together. Continue this process until the word is blended and read appropriately.


Pointers: Children love to use large pointers to assist with reading. These pointers can be made a home by decorating the end of a ruler. Write simple consonant/vowel/consonant words on a white board and have students use their pointers and point to each letter as they verbally make the sound. As they begin to blend the word, have them move under the letter they are blending in on fluid motion.


Arm Touch Blend: When practicing consonant/vowel/consonant words, say the word out loud to the children. Have them repeat the word to you one time. Next, have the children hold out their left arms straight in front of them. With their right arm they are going to tap the sounds out on their left arm the second time. The third time, they will blend and say the word while making one fluid motion on their left arm.


Dot stickers: Practice blending consonant/vowel/consonant words by having the children put small sticker under each letter. Next, have them touch each sticker while saying the letter’s corresponding sound. Finally, as they blend the word, have the children run their pointer finger over the stickers.

Extra Help Problems


Review and identify all letters and matching sounds.


What happens if you blend the sounds /f/ /a/ /t/? (fat)


Say the sounds that each letter makes /p/ /e/ /n/ . Read the word and circle the matching picture. (pen)


Blend the sounds /d/ /o/ /l/. What word does this make? Write the word. (doll)


Circle the picture of the word after you blend the following sounds: /p/ /e/ /t/ (pictures of a dog, log, and a tag)- circle the dog


Draw a line under each word that has the /e/ sound in it. (pen, pin, top, ten)


/s/ /e/ /n/ /t/ blended together is the word _________ (sent)


Finish the sentence: The towel _______. /d/ /a/ /m/ /p/ (damp)


/a/ /n/ /t/- Please blend these sounds and draw a matching picture. (ant)


/l/ /a/ /m/ /p/- Please blend these sounds and draw a matching picture. (lamp)


/p/ /i/ /n/ /k/- Draw something that is this color. (pink-pig, heart)


Draw a line under the word that describes the size of something. (hot, big, sad)


A candle is made of _______ /w/ /a/ /x/. (wax)


Blend the sounds and read the following sentence. Draw a picture of the underlined word. The doll is big.


I am mad, sad, or glad. Circle the word that describes how you feel and draw a matching picture.


Read the follow sentence by blending your sounds: The dog is wet. Draw a picture to show what this sentence says.


/b/ /u/ /s/ - Blend the sounds and read the word. Write a sentence using the word you read.


/p/ /o/ /t/- Blend the sounds and read the word. Write a sentence using the word you read.


Blend and read the following words. Draw a line to the matching pictures. (top, mop, sun, pen, pin, pot)


Draw a picture that starts with each letter of the alphabet.


Draw a box around the word that has the /e/ sound in the middle- top, mop, sun, pen, pin, pot -


d/a/d/ /m/ /o/ /m/ - Blend the sounds and read the words. Draw pictures to match your words.


When I blend sounds together I can _________ words. (read)


I will be able to blend my words together quickly, if I ____________. (practice)


/t/ /o/ /p/ /s/ /t/ /o/ /p/

Say each word out loud. Spell each word and draw a picture of the word that is a type of toy.


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