1st Grade - Using Descriptive Words

Using descriptive words
Use descriptive words when writing.
When writing a story your child will be able to provide vivid descriptions and details to the reader by the use of descriptive words also known as adjectives.

Sample Problems


Write three words to describe something that is cold.


How would you describe an ice cream cone?


Write as many words as you can think of to describe a lion.


List as many adjectives as possible to describe a summer day.


What is an adjective?

Learning Tips


Senses Game: For this game your child will need to use their five senses to figure out what is in the brown paper bag. You can use just about any object that you would like in the bag. Many children seem to enjoy food items with this activity. While your child is using their senses, attempting to figure out what is in the bag, ask them to use describing words to try to guess what the object is. Encourage them to use a variety of words, not just simple adjectives.


Adjective Word List: Write the title “Adjective Words List” on the top of a piece of paper. Tape this piece of paper to the outside of your refrigerator or in an easily accessible location. Each your child to write down any describing words that they find in print or any adjectives that they hear. Challenge them to have their” listening ears on” when people are describing things, so that they can add new words to their list. Every couple of days, review the list and ask them to tell you what a few of the words mean. You can even make the words into flashcards, and then have your child pick a card and use the adjective in a sentence.


Scavenger Hunt: For this activity, have your child go on a household scavenger hunt to find items that would fit certain describing words. You will need to make a list of approximately 10 items. You will not list out the names of particular item, but rather the adjective that describes the item, such a crunchy, fuzzy, furry, slimy, etc. Have your child place their objects in a bag and when they have completed the list, return to you and review the items and their associated adjective from the list.


Adjective Bingo: Play adjective bingo with your child. You can create your own bingo cards by using the link below.


You can you button for markers and have you child find the word that you call out. As they read off their “bingo” words to you, ask them to use the adjectives in a sentence or have them tell you an object that the adjectives on their cards could use.


Paint a “Mind” Picture: Encourage your child to be as descriptive as possible when writing or telling a story. Ask them to play a visualization game where each of you will take turns describing something (places, foods, people, activities, etc). Close your eyes as the other person verbally presents their description. Example: I see the large white plate with the piping hot food. Steam is floating up from the plate like smoke from a fire…) By the end of the description, the person listening should be able to guess what the other person was describing.

Extra Help Problems


Fill in the blank with an appropriate describing word to complete each of the following sentences.

The ____ cat was asleep on the sofa.


The ____ girl was crying.


I see a _____ car on the road.


The dress is ____ and ______.


The book is _________.


The tree has ______ and _____ leaves.


The _____ dinosaur was growling.


The ______, ______ jungle had many animals living in it.


The game was ___________.


The movie was ______.


He sees a _______ and ______ toy at the store.


I drew a _______ picture.


The rat had ___________ teeth.


The pie was _______ and ______.


The _________ shoes fit fine.


Her hair is _____ and ______.


The ______ boy likes to play the piano.


The ______, ____ motorcycle belongs to the man.


The ______ fire tuck went down our street.


The ________ dancer took pictures after the show.


The _______ teacher likes to read books.


The _______ sandwich was in my lunchbox.


My dad is _______ and ______.


My mom is ______ and _______.


My friends are _______, _________, and ________.


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